Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 8:30 PM

There's not much to report tonight, just that he is continuing to rest. They still have him pretty heavily sedated. Although, this afternoon the nurse did get a response when she pressed on his fingernail and toe nails. So, he is responding as yesterday he wasn't do to the heavy medication. Tomorrow they are going to monitor him to see if they will be able to close the abdomen. That is the next thing they want to tackle. They say it's very important that they do that so the chances of infection diminish greatly. The plan is to do that either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how much the swelling goes down.

We continue to be amazed at God's hand in the situation. Just today after a little hospital research we found out that Tampa General is currently on the the best facilities for facial and orthopedic trauma - both of those areas are where the major injuries are on Jonathan. His face and leg/pelvis bone are the most severely damaged areas. Just another reason for amazement. We know that God has orchestrated every part of this. We see him working in each and every step. His faithfulness is being proven over and over again. Even this evening as we were in the cafeteria we spoke to one of the doctors that was originally on the trauma team when Jonathan was brought in. He said that while he was working on him, as with all of his patients, he was just asking God to help him and give him wisdom. God certainly was there with him!! One thing after another - all reinforcements of God's hand. We're so thankful!!

Sunday, November 30, 12:45 PM

He made it through his second surgery just fine. The doctors said that everything went perfectly. They were very happy with the results. They did wire his jaw shut as well as put in a plate in his chin and just above his lips. They are leaving the other broken bones and are confident they will heal on their own. Because they wired his jaw shut they had to do a tracheotomy. The doctors have said this is usually scary for most but we shouldn't be alarmed. It's not because ventilation has gotten worse or anything like that - simply, his mouth is shut now so they can't keep it down his throat. This is actually a better option for Jonathan since the tubes down his throat often give a gag reflux and irritate the throat. This is much more comfortable for Jonathan they've told us.

We're just so grateful. God has been so faithful. I was reminded of the story of Job. Certain things were allowed to happen to him, but God would not allow his life to be taken. . . we know that nothing is impossible with God and we are seeing that truth revealed each day. Continue to pray.

Sunday, November 30, 9:25 AM

Jonathan went into surgery around 7:30. Earlier this morning he was running a slight fever and his blood pressure had risen just a little. They still said that he was OK to go into surgery. They are wiring his jaw shut right now, and will possibly start working on his stomach. They are really trying to get his abdomen closed because they are extremely concerned at the possibility of infection. Please keep him in your prayers. I will update as soon as he is out to let you know that he has come out strong.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, November 29th, 7:25 PM

The first surgery is over and done with. Jonathan came through amazingly. They weren't sure if they were going to be able to put the rod in his leg - that was the best case scenario, but were unsure of how he would respond to everything. The other option was for them to put the rod on the outside and then go back later and put it on the inside. They were able to do what they needed to do this time around and there were no problems reported. Everything seems to be going good. He's scheduled for his first surgery on his face tomorrow morning at 7:30. Still not sure if that's going to take place. If so they will be wiring his jaw shut as well as assesing the other problems and fixing what they can and what is most necessary.

We are continuously amazed at God's mercy and grace and wonderful faithfulness. As so many of you have done - please continue to pray. I know many of you have expressed your desire to help in any way that you can and truly - that is the most important thing and truly the only thing we need right now. We appreciate everyone so much and are so grateful for everyone's support.

Saturday, November 29th, 3:40 PM

Please be praying - They just brought him back into the OR to operate on his leg. The surgery has just begun. Everything is still so critical so please be in prayer with us that everything goes smoothly.

Charlie, Jonathan's oldest brother, went today to look at the car. The pictures are horrific. After seeing the pictures there could be no denial that the Lord was with him. We're so thankful for His had on his life.

I'll post soon after surgery.

Saturday, November 29th, 11:00 AM

They just put in the filter to prevent any blood clots from traveling from his legs to his lungs. They said there were no complications. Everything only took about 10 minutes. . . anything that goes smoothly, without complications is a reason to thank God!!

Satruday, November 29th, 7:30 AM

We just spoke with the head trauma doctor about an hour ago as he had a lot of information to fill us in on.

Earlier this morning the neurologist was very concerned. They were starting to take him off of the pain medications to monitor his reactions, and he wasn't seeming to react at all. So, they decided that they needed to put a brain monitor in, which is a very small procedure, just to monitor the pressure and make sure that the pressure was under 20. It was!! His not reacting could simply be because he was under so much sedation that it was taking rather long for him to come out of any of it. There was a slight fever this morning as well, but a simple dose of Tylenol has taken care of that. Through the night his condition has remained the same. Great heart rate, blood pressure, still at 22% on the ventilator.

Over the next couple of days they are going to really be tackling some major areas of concern. Today, before anything else is done, they are going to put a filter in his abdomen to prevent any blood clots in his legs from reaching the lungs that already have had major complications. Any more could be very critical. So, they're going to put the filter in first so that they can do some work on his right leg today. They are hoping to be able to flush out the wounds as well as put a rod in. the rod may have to wait depending on how everything goes. There's also a big wound on his right elbow that needs to be flushed out. All of this is to prevent any room for infection. They are being very vigilant concerning that because the risk of any infection is extremely serious as he is already fighting so much. . . .That's the extent of what they are doing today. Tomorrow is the main procedure on his face. They are wiring his jaw shut tomorrow as well as possibly putting some plates in his chin and cheeks - depending on the extent of the injuries. They will not know the full extent of each of the breaks until they go into surgery. Some of his bones facial bones could heal on their own. It just depends on how bad the breaks actually are. The surgery is scheduled for 7:00 AM tomorrow, but we're being told that may change, as any surgery time could.

They are really hoping to be able to close his abdomen either Monday or Tuesday. the reason being - with each procedure more fluids are being given to Jonathan. When that happens that causes this abdomen to swell. If that continues it could cause his bowls to push out and we would have major issues if that occurred. So, they are really adamant about starting to close his abdomen early on this week. It's a good probability that they will have to close it little by little because of the tremendous amount of swelling, but even starting to close it Monday or Tuesday would elevate the high risk of infection as well as the safety of his bowls and any further complication.

We appreciate all of the prayers and are asking that you continue to spread the word of need for it. We've contacted so many, and they are passing the word as well. We know that people all across the world are lifting Jonathan up in prayer, and that is THE thing that he needs right now. We are so grateful to the staff here as they have been tremendous. I don't think that we could have asked for a more informative, caring and professional staff. We know medically he is in great hands, but we know that as he lays there fighting - he is in the hands of the Lord. We have seen God's faithfulness and His hand so much in the past few days. At times when doubt and fear come in - a good report follows soon after. He is so good!! . . .

With so many procedures over the next couples of days - we are going to be keeping visitors to a bare minimum. We know that Jonathan is greatly loved, and we are certain he knows that as well. Right now we know the desire to be near to him. Hence why the waiting room has transformed into the Newman camp out. :) Even so, we need to make sure that he is getting his rest and not being strained by too many people in and out of the room. Of course, the waiting room is available for those that just want to be close. More than anything - your prayers are what He needs. . .If at any time you check back and see no further update it is simply that there has been nothing further to report just yet. I am trying my best to be thorough with these posts. We know there are so many that are waiting, watching and praying with us. Please, keep on! Continue to pray with us and rejoice with us as we see those prayers being answered with each improvement, every positive test result and the evident progress being made. We will keep you posted.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 28th, 2:00 PM

We just got back from a meeting with the ear, nose and throat doctor. They are planning on doing surgery this Sunday morning at 7:00. That's the time that it's scheduled. It may or may not happen at that exact time. They first have to give him a tracheotomy so they can continue to keep him on the ventilator. They need to wire his mouth shut because his jaw is broken. They said it's normal for it to be shut for 4-6 weeks, but it all depends on him. It could be faster or slower. Just depends on his progress. They're also going to assess the extent of the damage, and see what else needs to be done right then - if anything. Like I said before, all the bones in his face are broken, but they said some can heal by themselves. It just depends on how extensive the breaks are. So, we really won't know about that until after the surgery.

They were planning on going into surgery on his leg/pelvis later today, but they aren't. The team that they want to operate is not here today. So, they're going to set that up again in the next couple of days.

They are still not listed in stable condition. It's much too early for that.

They did give us some hope just a few minutes ago. One of the doctors who is overseeing Jonathan today told us that they have never seen anyone in his condition go into surgery as soon as him. Normally, they soonest they've seen anyone even near his condition go into the OR is 2 weeks. He's going in Sunday - that's only 4 days!!

We know that we're going to see many, many miracles throughout this whole process. We're already seeing great progress.

Keep praying. It's working!

Friday, November 28th, 10:00 AM

I decided to start this blog in an effort to keep everyone updated. I know that there are so many that are praying and wanting to know the progress. I will update it with any new information as it comes to us. Thank you everyone for your prayers. They are working!!

What happened:

Jonathan was in an accident early Wednesday morning on I-75 hear the I-4 junction. Somehow he lost control of his car and ran into a parked semi on the shoulder of the interstate. He was in surgery from the time he got to Tampa General Hospital at 5:45am til near 12:00pm. It was not favorable that he would make it through the surgeries and if he did - that he would make it through the night. There was a lot of internal bleeding and his lungs had collapsed. They eventually stopped the bleeding and let the ventilator do the work for his lungs. We got to see him just after noon on Wednesday. The nurses and doctors warned us that he would be unrecognizable. They said that he was swollen and there was a lot of blood, etc. Even that description was not justifiable for his condition. His face was swollen beyond what many could imagine. His eyes were swollen shut, much of it covered with dressings. The rest of his body was covered as his abdomen was and still is open to relieve pressure. . .

The first 24 hours was really rough. There was so much trauma to his body. Along with the internal bleeding and collapse of his lungs we were made aware that his right leg, pelvis, elbow, neck bone and every bone in his face was broken. The doctors, as they often do, gave us little hope and the worse scenarios. We are not naive to the situation and status, but we do believe that God has the power to transform his body entirely.

We know that so many across the country have been praying and with each progressive report we know those prayers are being answered!!

He started off on a very high level on the ventilator. Thursday morning we found out that they were already lowering that and he was breathing more on his own. It had gone from 50% to 40% yesterday. This morning we found out that he is down from 40% to 22% !!! His lungs are getting progressively stronger. The nurses, doctors and those the entire team that worked on him when he got to the hospital are amazed that he's come so far so quickly. There is still a long road ahead, but we're just praising Lord for every victory.

Earlier this morning, around 5:30. they took him off of all his pain medications to do some neurological tests. His heart rate was going up as his body started to respond to the pain so I went over to talk to him. As soon as I did - the nurse said his heart rate started going down!! I was ecstatic as she said that is a great reaction and means that he can hear me and recognize my voice. I left a little while after that to pick up my mom, sister and brother in law. Charlie was holding his hand while i was gone and said that the pain medication must have been really wearing off at that point because he tried to sit up and even opened his right eye! While we were not happy that he was feeling such pain - the response definitely warranted a few ecstatic smiles and "Praise the Lord" 's for sure.

Today the plan is to continue to monitor him and make sure everything continues to go well. They are also going to flush out his abdomen and if all goes well after that they are going to attempt to take care of his broken leg which also is dealing with the pelvis. So, there's a lot to work on, but the fact that he's strong enough that they are even considering it is amazing.

We've been praying as I know you all are. We've heard from people , literally all across America, that they are praying. We are definitely seeing those prayers answered. The family is doing well. We're all still "camped out" here at the hospital with little breaks to shower and get clothes, etc. We've been encouraged to take shifts, but none of us are ready to go anywhere. We're just here praying, waiting and watching. Keep our parents in your prayers as well for strength. They already carry the world on their shoulders. They are strong and they know that God is in control. They know that everyone is praying and feel your support.I will keep this updated as much as possible. So, if you have any questions as far as status or progress please check back here first. We love you all so much and your support and prayers mean the world!


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