Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 3:35 PM

Only more god news to report. With each day that passes Jonathan becomes more aware of his surrounding, more cognisant, more calm and more cooperative. He's doing wonderfully!! Today in fact, we (Charlie, me and mom) got Jonathan up in his wheel chair and brought him outside for the first time in over 2 months!! We also brought Dixie, his dog, and I had to hold her as he petted her. He was so excited to see her!! It was a lot for him and he got tired very quickly. We weren't outside for 3-4 minutes before he said he was tired and asked us to take him back. So, we did and he is currently sleeping. It's a lot for him. Everything takes muscles that he hasn't used in 2 months. So, it's a challenge, but he's doing great!!

With clarity and coherence comes the awareness that he's in a tough situation. He's constantly praying for God to help him. A lot of things are scary for him and nearly everything is a huge effort for him. He's doing it, but he keeps saying - he's go a long way to go. We keep reminding him that he's already come so far, and he's doing great!! At this point, he's expressed that he doesn't yet want people to see him "this way". He's even weary of the nurses and Dr.'s coming in, but he's OK once we explain who they are and what they're here for.

All-in-all, he's doing wonderfully. He is right, there is still a very long road ahead for him, but one that we'll all travel with him. So, please continue to pray. He's facing a lot of challenges physically and emotionally, but we know , as He has, God will continue to help and restore him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 9:10 AM

Jonathan is doing great! Over the past few days he has calmed down and has been extremely cooperative. He is doing wonderfully in all areas of therapy - speech, occupational and physical. He's "brushing" his own teeth which always has to be repeated by a nurse or family member - but he's doing the action and that's what counts, he's putting his sock on his left foot - his right leg was severely injured and it can't yet bend that far, he's pulling his shorts on and helping us help him get dressed. He listens to everything we ask him to do, and he does it without hesitation. He's doing wonderfully in those areas!

On Monday evening as I arrived to the hospital after work mom met me at Jonathan's door and said to begin to pray that there was a spiritual battle going on. So, i immediately did so and walked in. Jonathan was talking to dad and was asking him various questions that lead me to the conclusion that the enemy was trying to confuse his mind and heart. We prayed, spoke truth into Jonathan's life and ears, and answered all his questions accordingly. I won't go into detail, but just ask that you pray concerning this matter. It's an area that is of great concern to us. We know that God has amazing plans for Jonathan, and we also know that the enemy wants nothing more than to shut those plans down, to confuse and discourage him. We also know that this battle is already won in Jesus name. So, it's not out of fear that I ask you to pray, but out of faith. Even with this "incident" Jonathan's love for the Lord is evident. He wakes up praising God, and goes to sleep doing the same. We pray with him constantly - per his request, and he does so often on his own throughout the day. He wants scripture read to him and praise songs always in his ears. God is doing mighty things in my brother's life and I know that this is JUST the beginning.

The needs that we are still asking prayer for are: sight in his right eye to be restored, that his complete digestive system would function properly, that he would progress enough that he could start to swallow and get even just liquid down through his throat, for his right knee - it is very tight and is his main source of complaint, his heart rate - it is going down, but still high in comparison to what it should be, his blood pressure, he's got many blood clots which limits what can/can not be done in therapy - every limb has some clotting, etc. . . I could go on and on in detail of his needs, but those are the most common and necessary at this point. It seems that the medication we have Jonathan on now, which is very minimal, is the best for him right now. So, praise the Lord for that!

As from the beginning, November 26Th - 9 weeks ago today, we are continuing to see God's hand all over this entire situation. No other explanation would suffice for Jonathan's recovery, progress and life! So, we continue to give HIM all the glory, and I look forward to the day when Jonathan will take over this process and you all get to hear first hand all that God is doing. Until then - I'll keep you posted :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 4:45 PM

This one might be a little short, but an update nonetheless. Jonathan has had a pretty good couple of days, despite the fact that he had trouble keeping his "food" down on Saturday and early Sunday morning, he has been doing really well. He has calmed down considerably and is able to have "conversations". I have gotten 3 phone calls from my mom and dad per Jonathan's request. He wants to know when I'm coming :)So, of course, as every other day, right after work I'll hit the interstate and be there a.s.a.p. I get to stay the night with him tonight and have printed out some cognitive therapy exercises to do with him. Mom said that he did excellent in his therapy today. He has about 3 hours a day. Usually speech therapy is first, a break, then physical therapy, another break and finally occupational therapy. All three he was very cooperative and remained so the entire time. He got a good nights sleep last night which i am again hoping for tonight. He always functions best during the day when that is the case - just like us all!! So, please pray that would be the norm instead of the exception. We're so excited that he is doing well today and has been this weekend as well. Please continue to pray for these specific needs : his right eye, his cognition/understanding, his ability to sleep at night, to keep his "food" down, not to get dehydrated as diarrhea has been an issue the past few days, and for him to continue to progress in each area. Those are the most pertinent needs, although there are more. Thank you for your continuous prayers, and support. Dad called me this morning to inform me that as Jonathan was waking up, still in the process, he began to praise the Lord saying "Thank you Lord, you are good, you're the alpha and the omega, etc." God is doing a work in Him, and we are just so elated to be able to witness it all. Thank you again - your prayers are being answered!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 10:40 PM

It's been a few days since i updated everyone so there's a lot to say, but in light of my limited time to do so - I'll write what i can.

The past few days have been days of learning and trying to figure out through trial and error what Jonathan best responds to. Dad made the choice Thursday night, after observing that Jonathan calms when he is coming off of it, to take Jonathan off of the oxycodine unless absolutely necessary. That night, and each night since, Jonathan has slept much more through the night then before. He's remained off of the oxycodine since then and is now being given another pain medication. As many of you know - oxycodine is a very highly addictive drug and because Jonathan has had it given to him every 4 hours for the past two months dad was very concerned at the repercussions of that. So far Jonathan has responded well to the cancellation of that particular medication. While we did cancel that medication he has continued to have other pain medication. They have a release patch on his back that releases pain medication as needed over a 72 hour period. He's done well with that.

Today I got to spend all day with him. Just he and i until mom got there later this afternoon. She's staying with him all night long. So, she took some time today. Early this morning Jonathan was starting to hum. So, I asked him if he wanted to sing. For over an hour he and I sang worship songs that he and I played together when he played drums for the worship team at bay life. His favorite today was "Here I Am to Worhsip". He sang it over and over again. I called Rachel and then mom to let them hear. It was the most beautiful song I've ever heard!! Once he was done singing, that time around, I started reading to him some scriptures from the Message translation. It's an easy read and one that's very plain to understand. I read to him Jonah, then Ruth, the first 18 chapters of 1 Samuel then familiar stories like David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions den, etc. The entire time, an hour and a half, he laid there listening, making comments occasionally, "wow" "hmmm", etc. It was amazing. I kept reading. Eventually he dozed off. Soon after he had occupational therapy and did great. He can put his own socks on, count to 100, name all the months, spell all of his family members names, including Dixie's - our dog! :)

There was a slight incident. After getting his "protein shake" poured into his stomach tube he threw all of it up nearly 5 minutes later. It was a little traumatic for him, but we remained calm and got everything cleaned up, situated and comfortable for him again. As I was sitting in bed with him he rolled over hugged my leg, and as I rubbed his back he fell asleep. It was just a sweet moment. He loves his family and constantly wants them close, and we are more than happy to be there. Mom's staying with him tonight. Her and dad have been so great through this whole ordeal - constantly by his side doing whatever is necessary. The whole family has been amazing. Jonathan knows how much he is loved. Tuesday night as I stayed with him he kept telling me how lucky he was because of his family. The nurses and Dr.'s have commented about how amazed they are that someone is always with him - 24 hours a day he's got some family member with him. Mom's usually there all day long, dad often times with her and he and I rotate at night. Charlie and I come after work and Rachel is going to be flying in very soon. He may think he's lucky, but we're so blessed to have such a passionate, tender hearted and strong brother and son.

Thank you to all that prayed and fasted with us today. We know that God has heard our prayers and that the answer is on it's way. We're still praying for clarity of mind, strength of body and spirit. Healing of his right eye and continued healing over the rest of his body. His heart rate is still an issue, though his blood pressure is being controlled pretty well with medication. So, please continue to pray and believe for those specific issues. Thank you so much for your faithful, diligent and continuous prayers!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 12:30 PM

Unfortunately, a great day for Jonathan yesterday seemed to turn off like a light switch around the 5:00 hour. He retreated to what we had been witnessing for the past few 3-4 weeks, not really himself, in a haze and increasingly restless. Last night was more of that. I stayed with him last night and was so excited to rush over there after work to see Jonathan in all his glory, only to be a little disappointed to find him in the state I left him the day before. At the particular time I walked in he was agitated beyond what I had seen recently. He was afraid and seemed to be crying. My mom was trying to comfort and calm him, but nothing was working. So, I gave it a whirl and after about 30 minutes he calmed down and was just completely a sweetheart - every 2 seconds telling me and mom that he loved us and asking for hugs. Mom left around 7ish and he and I just sat and chatted. It wasn't full conversations, just mostly telling each other how much we loved each other. I told him things like I was proud of the person he is and that I don't tell him often enough how much I love and appreciate him. He repeated the same sentiments to me and apologized for not being there like he thinks he should. It was 3 hours of very simple "conversation" - really just exchanging of sentiments and trying to jog his memory of certain childhood events. Most of them he did remember. . . he got a sleep aid around 10 and started drifting off around 10:20. He fell asleep with both of his arms wrapped around mine lying on his chest. There was no way for me to get up :) Of course I didn't mind. So, I sat there thanking God he was still here, asking for healing and for God to reveal himself to Jonathan. Around 11 he woke up in agony - his right knee in a lot of pain. Warm compresses helped, but ultimately they gave him his pain meds early and that gave him some sleep around 12:30. He slept from then until around 3 when again he woke up frantically. I stayed by/in his bed until 5 when he finally dozed off again for another 2 hours. This morning was a difficult morning. The staff started getting him ready for physical therapy long before any of his pain meds or feeding was given to him. It threw him completely off and the panic was there once again. I left as he was being wheeled down to physical therapy not excited as he normally is, but very anxious and a little frightened it seemed.

I can't tell you why he's retreated back nor can the nurses. The only explanation is that he will have good days and he will have bad days. We are believing that the good will far out weigh the bad. The only way I can seem to explain this whole situation is that God knew Dad and mom needed a glimpse that Jonathan will be OK. They needed to see that He will be made whole in his mind and come back to the Jonathan that we all know, love and miss. I believe God gave them a glimpse of that yesterday, a necessity for them during this trying time. Possibly, He did that to give them hope, but only allowed a glimpse as it's not time just yet for the full reveal. I don't know. None of us do, but even though it seems today that we've taken a step back. Even though dad's frustrated and we're left with many questions - we know that we will see that Jonathan again and soon I believe. It may just be more of a process. God may not be yet doing what He planned all along to do. So, through our frustration and questions - we trust and we praise God. For even that small glimpse is reason to praise!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 9:45 AM

What an amazing God we serve! I just received another emotional call from my dad, but this time tears of Thanksgiving for the immediate progress he's seen so far today with Jonathan.

For nearly 3 weeks Jonathan has been "awake" and talking. Some times he makes complete sense and other times he's so far out in left field it's amazing. Since he's been in rehab the struggle to make sense of things has magnified. They have been trying different medications to see which ones would work, basically as they told us, to learn what his body responds to by trail and error. Well, they must have gotten it right last night! They did give him a sleep aid, which was much needed and Jonathan's body responded accordingly. Dad said he slept for 9 hours straight!! When he woke up this morning he was Jonathan, in every sense of the word. He was lucid, and cognisant. He was calm and cooperative. The speech therapist came in and was asking him some questions - his birthday, the days of the week, etc. Each question he answered correctly without hesitation. She then asked him some other questions to see where his mind really was. She asked if you can see through milk he said no. She asked him if books can fly and he said sometimes. She began to mark that down as a wrong answer and my dad asked Jonathan to explain. In typical Jonathan sarcasm he said, if you put them on a plane or if you throw them they can fly!! :) Such a simple answer that brought such joy to his family. He is coming back to his own. We could not be more happy for those responses. God is a good God, and we give Him all the praise. Jonathan is getting ready to go to physical therapy right now. We got him some new basketball gear to wear, which he is very excited about, and he got dressed, with the help of the nurses of course, but without struggle like before.

Dad is elated and we are so grateful to all that have been praying. Please, please continue. The progress that has been made over night has been monumental, but there is still much more progress that is necessary. We are still asking that this Saturday at noon everyone would be fasting and praying with us for Jonathan's understanding and full recovery. He is on his way, but still in need of prayer. There are still many needs, but we do not want to lack in giving our praise to God for the great things He has done. I can not wait to continue in this theme, and tell you of the many more praise worthy things to come!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2:40 PM

This weekend has been a rather involved weekend, hence the lack of posts. Jonathan's first few days in rehab have been a big adjustment for him and for us. They immediately took Jonathan off of all of his anti-anxiety medication which did not prove to be a good decision. Jonathan became very irritable, kicking, yelling and just unbelievably restless. His pain medication was 7 hours late immediately after the transition, and you can not imagine how furious we were about this. They eventually gave him 4mg of morphine to get him started on his normal schedule. Still, he was restless and remained so for 2 days. They did start to again give him some anti-anxiety medication as well as a sleep aid during the night as Jonathan wasn't sleeping AT ALL. Yesterday I saw him settle down a little bit. He actually fell asleep with me sitting in his bed and him holding on to me. He slept that way for about 2 hours and I dared not to move as waking him was not an option!! When he did eventually wake, as is the norm recently, he was very emotional and volatile. It's almost as if he's waking up for the first time and very scared by his surroundings.

Today dad called me to ask again for your prayers. Because Jonathan is yet fully understanding his circumstance, what has happened and all that it entails the doctors are very concerned. Jonathan still does not have control of his body often times, and most of this is due to his mental capacity at this point. The doctor that spoke to my dad today informed him that Jonathan's brain capacity may be diminished because of the accident. Simply put - we do not receive that report! We are not naive to the situation, but we are believing for clarity of mind. We are believing for healing of Jonathan's brain and that it would function as it was designed to function. God has not told us that this would not be the case. So, we pray and BELIEVE for full restoration. Please, agree with us fervently for this. We are desperate to see progress in this area - so much so that dad has asked again that this Saturday during the noon meal, all that are able would fast and pray with us for Jonathan's mental clarity and healing. We know the power of prayer. This blog is a testament to the many answers and miracles we have already seen due to the prayers going up around the world in agreement. Please continue. We know it is a long road and that often times life takes over and the need doesn't seem as pressing when you're not involved in the every day situation, but please do not relent in your prayers or in the urgency of them. We love you all so much, and we are so thankful for your outpouring of love and support you have shown to us and to Jonathan. We celebrate and rejoice, in advance, for yet another answer to these specific prayers!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, 12:10 PM

Another phone call came in from dad a few minutes ago. This time he notified me that they are admitting Jonathan into the rehab program today! They are getting all the paperwork filled out, orders signed and Jonathan will be in rehab probably before i get off of work. In answer to our prayers, after reviewing Jonathan's file and assesing him personally, the doctor over rehab found that it would be in Jonathan's best interest to have a family member with him through the night. So, he approved dad or Charlie to stay with him each night until it is no longer necessary for Jonathan. We are so glad that Jonathan is progressing. We're amazed at all that God has done so far and know so much more is to come. We're praying that Jonathan would be home by his birthday - February 2. We know that's a long shot, but everything that we have prayed for thus far has seemed impossible. Yet, God has answered those "impossible" prayers. Please, continue to pray with us. This is a different time now. It's another difficult step for Jonathan and for us. We're trying to find the new "normal" of life again, and knowing that the one we knew is gone. We're more than ok with that, but it's all still a process. So, your prayers are much appreciated.

Friday, January 16, 9:50 AM

A quick, but important prayer need . . .

I just received a phone call of concern from my dad. He made an appointment this morning to talk with the doctor that is over the rehab facility at TGH. He spoke with him about Jonathan's condition and our concern for him being alone at night without family. Jonathan is still very much in need of constant care and attention as every day tasks he can not do by himself just yet. He's not yet fully aware and cognisant enough to know to call the nurse button when he needs help. We are earnestly trying to teach him that step. So, after the conversation with my dad the doctor said that he would review Jonathan's file and if he thought it was necessary then one person would be allowed to stay with Jonathan until it was no longer necessary.

At this point we are praying that one of two things takes place: 1) Either Jonathan's understanding and abilities progress enough so that he can do certain things on his own like call for the nurse, use the bathroom, or remain calm and understand he can't get out of bed or pull out all of his tubes and wires and why or 2) that we are allowed to stay with him in rehab until all that was stated above is true for Jonathan.

We know and believe that God is going to work this situation out one way or another. We are very concerned as you can imagine, and want only the best for Jonathan. So, please be in prayer for us. We thought that to some extent this matter was already taken care of, but learned today that is not necessarily the case. So, we are asking you to join us in conversation to the one who ultimately will take care of this entire situation beyond what is in our control. Thanks so much. We love you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 3:10 PM

Last night was an answer to prayer - Jonathan rested. It wasn't the entire night, but he got a good solid 4 hours in a row, and then another 2 much later in the early morning hours. He and I had some good talks last night, and he wanted constant hugs. He gets in those moods every now and again and I am always more than happy to oblige. I told him I'd give him a hug whenever he wanted one. So, for 5 minutes after each hug he'd ask for another :) Sweet moments to cherish for sure.

Today I haven't heard any bad reports. Mom came and relieved me this morning so that I could come into work today. We did hear some good news in fact. Dad spoke with the doctor yesterday that is over the rehab facility there. He said that they are waiting to move Jonathan until he can get his own room and that he can possibly work it out for one designated person to stay over night - at least until Jonathan is able to comprehend the situation and do some things on his own. A dear friend of the family emailed me, Thanks Leslie, and told us to start having Jonathan do some things on his own whenever possible. So, we are trying. He's getting frustrated, but that comes with the process. One of our main concerns is that we don't want to leave him alone until we are confident that he knows how to use the nurse call button and respond accordingly when needed. That is a huge deal. Right now, with family in there 24/7 with him, we will call for the nurse and at times it takes 2 or 3 calls and 45 minutes later before a nurse enters the room to take care of the current need. So, of course, in Jonathan's current state , with no one there with him, that would be unthinkable. So, we are so grateful that God is working this out. Please continue to pray that all would follow through and that someone would be able to stay with Jonathan it is no longer necessary.

We are also asking to pray for Jonathan's spirit. Yesterday was a particularly down day. He has moments now and again that are proof of the lies that the enemy has been telling him. We are sincerely and earnestly praying against such things. The enemy knows when and where we are at out weakest. So, as you pray for his body, please pray for his mind and his spirit. That the lies that the enemy tries to tell Jonathan would be overshadowed with the truth the Lord is telling him ever so gently. We know, " our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. " So, join us as we pray accordingly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 8:50 AM

Yesterday and this morning were met with more emotion on the side of the family. We are so excited to hear that Jonathan qualifies for the rehab program at TGH and even more excited that his transition to that program would take place in the next 2 weeks we were told. Now, with that excitement comes great concern.

As we have with every move, we don't think Jonathan is ready just yet. This time that is more true than any other. With the set up at this particular rehab facility there will not be the option for family to stay with Jonathan over night. In fact, our only time to visit him will be from 4-8:30 every day. Because we have made an extreme effort for him to have at least one family member with him literally around the clock - that is a very big concern for us. That concern is also intertwined with another - he is still not in full understanding of his situation. We know that part of rehab is to aid in that, but that also comes with time. Our concern is that if he is moved before he is ready that it will set him back rather than improve the situation, that without understnaing he will become frustrated and more harm will be done than good. There are many other concerns, too many in fact to name them all, but our biggest is that we don't want him to think that he is alone, and we don't want him to digress instead of progress.

Ultimately, we KNOW that God is in control. We know that His thoughts are higher then ours, and that His plans we may never fully understand. Trust me, we get all of that, but he's our brother and son. We love him more than anything in the world. It's hard to trust physicians. Often times it seems we know more then they do. We know this isn't true, but the thought crosses our minds, and sometimes often when we see the care and the mistakes.

We are all in the process of learning now. For some of us it is patience, others it is kindness and compassion, but for all of us it is learning to fully trust the one who has the whole world, including ours, in His hands. Jonathan, nor this situation, is outside of His grasp. We know all of that, but the struggle to get it from head to heart is more difficult to process.

So, please be in prayer with us that , as with every situation, all would be done in God's perfect will and timing. That no doctor or even family member would stand in the way of what God designed. Pray that God would prepare Jonathan in mind, body and spirit for the next transition and that the family would be ready for it as well. Mom and dad are taking this one quite hard, so please be in prayer for them. We appreciate and covet your prayers. Please, don't stop.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 10:00 AM

Jonathan had a great day yesterday. He slept a lot, was very lucid most of the day, and worked great with the physical therapist. When i got back to the hospital, right after work, he told me briefly about his "workout". He enjoyed it very much!

Unfortunately, after a great day came another difficult night. He was very restless, and as my parents stayed with him, there was very little they could do to calm him. That seems to be the way it happens - he has a good night and good day and then for the next 2 or three he is very anxious and restless. Please pray that pattern would break, and he would find peace and rest. His body is so much in need of it. His heart rate escalates tremendously, near 3 times what it should be, when he gets that way. He wants to get up, get out, and no other answer will suffice. We know that this is the spirit that will drive him to do well in rehab. We know that God has given him that determination and will to fight. We are ever so grateful for that. He will need it, but as Ecclesiastes 3 says - there is a time and a season for everything. Currently, in this season, his body needs rest so that it can stabilize and normalize. So, please be praying that would take place.

We've had some interesting conversations with Jonathan. At times he knows us all by name and wants hugs and kisses and to know we're near. Other times I am his nurse whose name is Jennifer or a police officer that he needs attention from. Dad is sometimes referred to as Mister. Dad doesn't like that too much and reminds him that he is in fact his father. Jonathan often gets stories mixed up with others, but at times is so right on point it's amazing. Yesterday he told the nurse all about his truck, to the detail of the custom door handles and flames. Certain things and certain times bring clarity. We ask that all would pray for constant clarity of mind. We understand the effects that some of the drugs have on ones mind, but still we ask you to pray for this need as well.

We know God is working. We see it everyday. We thank you for your prayers. Jonathan has been reminded daily, often many times throughout, that he is very loved. Not just by his family, although we love him more than life, but also by all of you that are reading and praying and sending your love his way. I can't wait til he can read all the comments, emails and cards that have been sent. I know he'll be amazed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12, 12:45 PM

Jonathan continues to improve, and we continue to thank the Lord. Last night was a pretty good night for Jonathan. He got a scattered 5-6 hours of sleep, which unfortunately is not the norm recently. He's handling his medications very well, although at times I am not his sister, but to him I am his nurse. Truthfully, it works out better that way sometimes. At times he listens to the nurses more than he does to family. It just depends on his mood.

As I was leaving the hospital this morning my mom and I ran into the doctor that heads up the rehab division there at TGH. He said that he feels Jonathan is ready to start the rehab program, and he's going to try to make that happen by the end of the week!! We were elated. Just a week and a half ago they were telling us that he wouldn't qualify and that our best option, because of his state then, might be a nursing home. Oh, but God had different plans for sure! :) So, we'll wait to see when/how that all happens.

This week is just more of the same - waiting, watching, making progress little by little. At times Jonathan has expressed that he feels scared or afraid. Each time we've been able to assure him that someone is always with him - at least one family member is with him at all times. What a blessing it is to be able to say that. Within a near 7 week period Jonathan has never been without at least one family member by his side, and that will continue. God has been so gracious to allow our circumstances to adjust to this random schedule. He knew what He was doing when He placed us each in our own life's situations. What a good God!

As before mentioned, please continue to pray for his heart rate, his eye sight, his comprehension and understanding, and his overall health. As he starts rehab they will be working on a number of things - exercising the brain to function as well as the body. It's still a long road, we know, but God has been faithful thus far, and we have no doubt He will continue!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 1:30 PM

It has been an interesting, succesful and draining couple of days. Jonthan is waking up more and more - though still unaware of many things. Just yesterday he asked Charlie how long he'd been here. Charlie asked him how long he thought and Jonathan replied a couple of hours. We know that it's going to take some time before he's fully aware and we are waiting anxiously for that.

Yesterday was a success. Early yesterday morning, right on time, they took Jonathan down to the OR to get those wires of of his jaw. He came back in a lot of pain, but his jaw finally free. They gave him some of the good stuff (morphine) and after a little while he was out like a light. His jaw is stil very soar from everything so at times it's still hard to understand him perfectly, but it's definintely an improvement already.

Charlie stayed with him last night, and for the first time since ICU when he was sedated, he slept for 6 hours straight, and then a litle while later another 3 hours!! I was so excited to hear that news. He's been so restless this entire week. It's been rough trying to figure out what to do to ease the pain and his mind. On Thursday night i stayed with him, and I think he may hve slept a total of 30 minutes and that was scattered throughout the entire night. The only thing that calmed him, though still didn't put him to sleep, was me rubbing his hair. So, from 1 am til 7:30 I sat by his bed and that is what I did.

We are all so grateful as we see his progress. Sometimes when we get tired we forget about how far he has come, and that the struggle is part of the process. Soon we'll be able to sing with him "the struggle is over". Already, in so many ways, that's already true!

On Monday night, Rachel and I were staying with Jonathan before she had to go back to Louisiana. While we were in there with him the respiratory tech came in to give him his breathing treatment. She came in and said how amazing it was that he had progressed so far already. She then uttered one word, a word that sums it all up - "purpose" . . . We couldn't agree more. Just another little way God spoke. We're amazed each time God sends us one of His children our way to confirm to us what He's spoken, and we know in our hearts to be true!

Please continue to pray with us for progress. We're still unsure of his sight in his right eye. His left seems to be doing just fine. When asked if he can see us or if he can see an object he responds yes 95% of the time. So, yet another reason to praise the Lord!! Also, continue to pray that as everything begins to heal it would all heal properly, that his brain function would be back to 100% surely and shortly. We ask you that as you pray for Jonathan you would also pray for the family - as we get run down and sleep is short our bodies also start to respond negatiely to those conditions. A few of us are starting to feel some slight sickness - soar throats, headaches, stuffy nose, etc. So, as we pump ourselves with vitamins, pray that God would touch our bodies as well. We're so thankful to everyone for your prayers. We know that God has heard them all, and Jonathan's healing and recover is due to that. So, please, Keep it up! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 11:00 PM

Another day of rest and restlessness for Jonathan. Rachel and I stayed with Jonathan last night, and o what a night it was. Today he got a little more rest than last night. They are giving him much more medication as he is waking up the pain is being realized more and more.

Tomorrow Rachel is leaving. We have loved having her here. I have loved having her here. For the first time in 6 years I have had my sister for more than one week at a time for a holiday or visit. Family is needed in times like these, and we are so grateful that she was able to stay this long.

Friday Jonathan is scheduled to have his jaw unwired. It has been up in the air for the past 2 weeks as to when it would happen. We finally heard the official word that it would happen this Friday. We are praying this would alleviate much of his anxiety. Jonathan is more than ready, in his own mind, to get out of bed. Although he is yet physically unable to do so - he still often tries. Last night and today he flung both of his legs over the side rail of the bed. He is very determined to get out of there as soon as possible as are we.

Today we found out some surprising and disturbing news. For the past 6 weeks, since the accident, Jonathan has had a neck brace. We knew he had fractured part of his neck, and were curious as to how long he would need to keep the brace on. So, they ordered an xray to see how far along the healing was. When the results cam back we learned that Jonathan did not simply fracture his neck. He in fact broke it. In a not of the list of miracles add this too it. The doctor explained to me what they call his C6 bone. In breaking the C7 bone, right underneath it, he would have been paralyzed, but the break was just above it. Yet another way that God's protection was all over him, and yet another relation to Job - Satan was only allowed to go so far. Jonathan was always in the palm of God's hand, and this is absolute proof of that. So, 6 more weeks of the brace and 6 more weeks of prayer for that specific need that all would be healed to complete restoration of God's original design.

God is continuing to work and to encourage. He sees our hearts and hears our cries. Every thing is in his control, and although it's very hard, we have no other choice but to trust. So, that's what we will do. Please, continue praying.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, January 5, 11:10 AM

I can hardly believe that it's the start of a new year, but am thrilled at how this new year has started. As the majority of you already know - Jonathan is in the process of waking up. He has said a few words and is learning more how to express himself. He's doing great in that respect. The physical therapist came in to asses him yesterday and will be coming in daily to get him moving and started on therapy. Of course it will be easy stuff at first, but they'll be getting him ready for rehab eventually. As I mentioned previously - Jonathan's jaw is scheduled to be unwired either Wednesday or Friday of this week, and we are anxiously awaiting that. We can only imagine how much relief that will bring him.

A few things that we'd like to ask everyone focus their prayers around:
Jonathan's heart rate has been fluctuating, since the accident, anywhere from 100-150. For someone Jonathan's age and physical condition prior to the accident, his normal heart rate should be around 50-60. So, for near 6 weeks now his heart has been working close to triple time what is normal. We need to pray that this stabilizes and very soon. They are giving him medication to help with that, but the lowest it has been is in the 80's, right after he's been given the medication and he is asleep. So, please agree with us that this will be done. Also, his eye sight is still much of a concern for us as well as the doctors. We're still not sure what he can/can not see, but are believing, of course, for full restoration of sight.

Pray for the family. We are learning when to speak and when to be quiet, which battles we need to fight for Jonathan, and which ones are better left alone. It is hard when you've got 5 people with strong opinions and many nurses who seem to be more frustrated with his needs than compassionate toward them. We know that this is a test for us as well as an opportunity share God's love. Sometimes we'd like to share a few other things with these nurses, but instead we refrain - most of the time :).

God is doing great things in this entire situation already. We are elated and anxiously awaiting each day, knowing that each moment is another opportunity for God to demonstrate his love to us through Jonathan's miracles.

Dad called just a bit ago, as I am at work today, to ask everyone to continue to pray. We know that this has been a long road, and often times it gets tiring or our lives take over and routine takes president, but please do not stop praying. There is much need for it, and we recognize the power in it.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (New International Version)
14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday, December 3, 11:35 PM

It's been a good couple of days, a difficult couple of days and a long couple of days. Jonathan is trying his best to communicate with us. It's difficult at times through the trach in his throat and his jaw still wired shut, but most of the time we can understand what he is saying. It definitely takes a patient ear.

He is even more restless as the days progress. They are giving him a higher dose of anti-anxiety medication as well as some additional pain medication. Still, it doesn't seem to phase him. Please, be praying with us that his body, mind and spirit would be at peace.

The later is also a reason that we are requesting your prayers. As a family we have realized that not only is Jonathan in battling for his physical health, but is also in spiritual warfare. There have been certain happenings, comments he has made, etc. that have allowed us to see that we need to be in battle for him. We have been praying for protection over his mind, his thoughts and his spirit. We have spoke God's promises over his life, and have been reading Scriptures of encouragement, healing and promise to him. We know that the enemy attacks at our most vulnerable state, and we have realized that is happening at times. However, with that realization also comes the knowledge that this battle is already won in Jesus name. So, please continue to lift up this need.

Now, with every situation there is usually the good and the bad, and I refuse to focus on our concerns when there have been so many wonderful things that have happened as well. In waking up - Jonathan, along with being irritated, is completely lovable. He is so sweet and very fragile. He constantly wants to feel his family near him. He even asked Charlie and I, at different times, to get in the bed with him. Instead, we hugged him. Oh, but an ordinary hug would not do. I was leaning over the bed rail with my hand around his waist, at his request, and my head laying on his chest - also , his specific request. He says "I love you" pretty often, and loves to hear stories. He is very inquisitive and wants to know what each doctor and nurse is about to do and why. He still can't fully express himself yet, but with time it will come. His main concerns now are the pain, getting out of the bed, and knowing he is not alone. We can help him with the first and the last, but the getting out of bed part gets him frustrated with us each time.

This is all so new to us and to Jonathan. Please pray that God would give us all understanding, and that peace would be with Jonathan.

Tomorrow Jonathan is supposed to get the wire off of his jaw. This procedure has been postponed all week. Please pray that it will get done tomorrow. He is so upset, as you can only imagine, that he can't fully speak yet. We know that this would ease his mind tremendously. Thank you all for you prayers. Soon, you will see another answer to those prayers.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, December 2, 9:05 PM


It has been a day since i have posted any updates, and i know many of you have been checking to see the progress. The lack of updates has not been because there has been bad news or even no news. It simply is because the news has been so overwhelmingly good that i didn't know yet how to fully put it into words!

Over the past few days Jonathan has been making some noise and grunting every now and again. This happened again very early yesterday morning - new years day. Mom and dad were in the room. The rest of us went home to get some rest. Through the night Jonathan kept making noises and was becoming more and more restless. Dad went over to the side of the bed in hopes of comforting him. After more grunting Jonathan, through his wired jaw and trach in his throat, said the word "mom"!!! So, mom rushed over to the side of the bed and let him know that she was there. As many times before, she asked him to squeeze her hand if he was in pain and a very muffled "no" came out from Jonathan. Mom and dad were standing there amazed, they tell me, and Jonathan said "I want to get up". Dad let him know that he couldn't and to that he replied "why?". Dad then explained that he had been in an accident and he had some broken bones so he couldn't get up yet. To that Jonathan replied "OK". A few minutes later Jonathan started saying the name of Jesus and then "Jesus help me". So, mom and dad prayed with him and he calmed down.

We have been praying for this. Just the day before someone from rehab here at Tampa General came down to asses Jonathan to see if he would be eligible for their rehab program. At that point in time Jonathan did not because he wasn't yet able to communicate consistently. So, the psychiatrist came to talk with my mom about other rehab facilities for people with head trauma and neurological issues that she assumed Jonathan had. She said there was a facility in Sarasota, which in near 2 hours away. When mom said that wasn't an option she told mom that the only other one would be a nursing home. You can imagine how upsetting that was to my mother. She told her that we would be praying and believing that Jonathan would wake up without any neurological issues and qualify for the rehab program here.

Well, on new years day that happened. At a very early hour in the morning Jonathan began waking up. For the first time in over 5 weeks he was able to truly communicate with his family, and once again - God proved his faithfulness. Mom and dad were in tears, how could they not be. When we all got the call we couldn't wait to get here to talk to him ourselves. It was the best way to start a new year.

Now, that being said, please let me explain. When i say "wake up" it is not to the extent that you and i are awake. He is still in the process of fully waking up. He is coming to little by little, his memory coming back slowly but surely. He is definitely aware of his pain, but has to be reminded at times where he is and why he can't get up. The doctors have told us that a temporary short term memory loss is pretty normal as he is still in the process of awakening as well as the medications he is on and the extent of the trauma his body has experienced. Even still, Jonathan is very much "there" and not expressing any signs of neurological damage. The nurse asked him what his sisters name was to which he replied "which one?". He then named both of our names. He knows the days of the week in order, he knows his dogs name although he didn't remember it right away. He often expresses that he wants us to help him. He is very agitated with the trach and with laying there in the bed. He wants to get up and for us to take the trach out of his throat. He calls out Jesus name often and says "Jesus heal me". He knows where his help comes from, and although he asks us for help it always comes back to Jesus. He often asks us to pray for him, and says thank you and amen afterward. It's beyond amazing to see the way that God's presence is being made known to him. In conversation many times we have all said that we truly believe that throughout this whole process he has been in the presence of the Lord. That he has been basking in His presence and comforted by His spirit. . .

Today has been more of the same. He's got lots of questions. Some are repeated. He is still not fully aware of what's going on. He does know when he is in pain and can, most of the time, express to us where the pain is coming from (jaw, forearm, etc). It's sometimes frustrating for both of us as often times we can't understand what he is trying to say.Afterall, it's amazing that he's talking at all through a trach and a wired shut jaw. So, we just say the name Jesus or ask him if he wants to pray and 90% of the time that calms him.

I truly could write to you all night about each word he has said and each thing we have experienced with him since, but no amonut of words could express our joy and gratitude. I could find no dictionary or thesarus with any words to explain what this means to us, to convey all that we feel. We have always known God would answer our prayers, and that he would wake up and be able to communicate. The reality of it is still wonderfully overwhelming.

Please, as you rejoice with us, continue to pray with us for his mind to continue to wake up and operate at it's full capacity. Pray that his sight would be fully restored, and that everything would heal as it should. Spiritually speaking, we are aware that the enemy is not happy with what is happening. We also know that the mind is a battlefield. Please pray with us for protection of his thoughts, that the peace of God truly would reign there. That the lies that the enemy would try to tell him - that this is his fault, that he has caused his parents heartache, etc. - that all of that would be gone. Pray that God would continue to make himself know to Jonathan, and continue to speak into His life the plans He has for him. We believe and know that the Lord has many great things in store for Jonathan, even beyond our biggest dreams for him. We can not wait to see all that the future holds. So, be in prayer with us, that as he wakes God would continue giving his body, spirit and mind the peace that goes beyond what Jonathan can yet understand. We serve an amazing God, a good God, a God that deserves the praise and the gory - not just for what He's done, but simply for who He is. As you can imagine, this recent breakthrough has brought many tears, as well as many shouts(literally) of praise! He truly deserves the Glory!!


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