Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been nearly a month since I've updated here. I'm not sure how many people are still checking. Still, I actually remembered today to update so here it is:

A few weeks ago Jonathan had his psych eval. We got the results back a couple of weeks afterward. The evaluation was to see if Jonathan could be cleared to work and drive. The psychologist who administered the evaluation said that she did not think that he was ready to work just yet do to his current social skills and other abilities. Though, she didn't want to write that in her report and say that he could not. She also didn't want to write that he was OK to work because the moment he is "cleared" to work all of his benefits would end. Since, from the evaluation, her conclusion is that he is not ready, yet he is adamant that he is - she is leaving that decision up to him, but advising that he start slowly. His sight is still a main factor in the type of work that he can do. Looking at a computer for the large part of the day and trying to type probably won't be a good option for him. So, the possibility of work for/with Charlie is the best bet currently. Jonathan has recently purposed that he wants to go back to school to finish his degree and become a teacher so that he can also coach. Many ideas and goals are coming to him. It will be exciting to see where God takes him.

As far as driving goes - there are a few steps he still has to walk. First, he has to have an eye exam. As you already know - he still has no sight in his right eye. So, the exam will be extensive. That is scheduled for next week some time. Also, after the eye exam, depending on his passing, he will have to take a very extensive driving test. This will test his reaction time, his depth perception amongst other things. If he does not pass the driving exam there are some classes he will have to take that would teach him how to drive with an impairment. After those classes he can re-take the test. Additional things such as adding extra mirrors to his vehicle may be necessary.

For now, it's still waiting for the continued process. We're all still holding on and trying our best to live it out. It's hard. It's hard for him to wait. It's hard for the family to endure him waiting :) , but we're all still here! God is still working - even when we're blinded by the current circumstance enough to forget it. He is, and we're still trusting.

Just a quick little story:
The other night Jonathan's right eye was bothering him a lot. It was pretty irritated and red. So, I put a couple eye drops in it and some ointment around it. This is the eye that he lost sight in. After i was done playing nurse I told him God's getting it ready to be healed - that's why it's bothering him - it's healing. His response was - that'd be crazy awesome!! We talked about it a minute or two longer and I assured Him it was coming. Every fiber of my being believes God is going to restore sight. He then told me that if God healed him that there would be no turning back - He'd have to do youth ministry for sure!! We joked about it for a bit longer, and I told him just to wait and see - literally. . . .
I tell you this to ask you to please continue to pray for that need. So much is affected by his lack of sight in that right eye. So much glory will be given to God once the healing takes place. I know it's on its way and I just want to continue to ask everyone to please don't stop praying for that need. I can't wait for the day when I get to write, like countless other times through this process, God has answered your prayers!!


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