Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 8:50 AM

This morning brings much praise and thankfulness. Last night we finally had a great nurse. She was very attentive, not once late with his medication, easy to find, did whatever i asked her to do and without an attitude, did more than i asked, and was very sweet and gentle with him. Before this whole situation i suppose i was naive to think that in order to be a nurse you must be extremely caring, warm and gentle. That theory has been proven wrong many times unfortunately, but last night God answered our prayers and gave Jonathan a nurse that truly took care of him.

He was pretty restless most of the night. Around 4:45 this morning i figured I'd try something new and started to massage his left foot. He seemed to enjoy it, then pushed away. I waited and tried again. That time he loved it. His heart rate soared down near 20 points immediately and after 10-15 minutes he fell into such a deep sleep. I was thrilled that I had figured a way to help him relax and finally rest. I seriously almost started crying. It's difficult to see someone you love so uncomfortable. You try a million things to ease their minds and bodies, but nothing seems to work. I was thrilled when he finally was resting, but it wasn't a half an hour later that the nurse had to come and interrupt his sleep. So, again, after she was done he was kicking his feet around and moving all over the place. So, i tried the foot massage again and this time it was instant - he was out again. I am praying that this little trick will continuously help.

They informed us yesterday that possibly today Jonathan would get the wires off of his jaw. If not today, then at the end of this week. We're all looking forward to that, and I'm sure he'll be so relieved! In other good news, he is using his left arm a lot more. Just yesterday he was reaching for the trach with his left arm and even trying to bring his left leg up so he could reach with his arm to pull the blood pressure cuff off. It's good that he's doing all of that. It's good in the sense that he realizes that it's uncomfortable and that he's aware of the location of specific things. Yesterday it was so sweet. . . i took his hands out of restraints so he could move around for a bit and he kind of just explored his body, making sure that everything was there, and once he realized that it was he just folded his hands one on top of the other and rested for a bit. It's amazing the things we take for granted. Once he knew he was all there - he could rest, even if only for a little while.

Please continue to pray for him to fully wake up, to become aware and to fully comprehend and understand. Neurologically we are praying that he would be whole. That his mind would function at it's full capacity, that there would be no lapse or lack there. We are praying that both of his eyes would be repaired and that both would have their full sight. We are praying for God to restore him completely, and that where he is lacking God would complete and make whole again. Please, join us in these prayers. This is the present need. Everything else is healing just fine. All the surgeries have been done other than minor ones later on. All of his life support medications and machines have been terminated and his body is working as it should. Now, his mind is the thing we're praying for - that he would truly have the mind of Christ - whole and complete. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We know that God is hearing us all, and we will not stop until it is done.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 1:55 PM

Knowing how my parents were dealing with this new situation i couldn't bring myself to do a full day of work. So, here i am at the hospital sitting with Jonathan while they take a time out and get a breathe of air. It's been hard for them - not just with the new situation, but with the care that has come with it. Already, they have been late 2 times with Jonathan's pain medication - a half an hour each time. You see his face grimace, his body move and no matter how "un-christ like" it may seem - you just want to knock the nurse upside the head. Instead, you try to keep your composure as you ask them time and time again to come with his medication. With each request comes a more curt - "I'm coming" then the last. We really are trying to be understanding that they have more patients then just Jonathan and each of them their own special needs. Although, this is our brother my parents son and our heart - with that much love it's hard to be understanding.

So, please pray for us! I know that many of you have written comments and emails stating that this is a step forward, to count our blessings for his recovery thus far, and to give God praise for all that He has done. Believe me, we are so thankful that he is still here. Praises are constantly on our lips for his current state, and we absolutely know that Jonathan is in God's hands. . . Even so, at times it gets to be a lot to handle. I think it was a pretty good consensus last night that we all felt like we were dealing with the initial shock of the accident all over again. Seeing his eyes filled with tears makes it hard to remember that he's doing well.

Even though he is in a different part of the hospital - visitors are still limited to family. He is so susceptible to infection that running the rick of visitors is just not an option right now. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue.
Right now the physical therapist is here. It seems like the only thing that Jonathan enjoys. It's his own personal work out :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2:35 PM

It's been a hard day today. Last night was a pretty restless night for Jonathan and for me as I stayed with him. He got less than acceptable care, and was agitated because of it. This morning has been equally hard to deal.

We knew that today they would be moving Jonathan to, what they told us would be, the step-down ICU unit. He would still be getting a lot of needed attention, because he wasn't yet ready to go to the regular floor. Well, this morning we got word that there were no available beds in the step-down unit, and he no longer qualified for the most critical care so they were moving him to a regular floor.

It's been hard to deal with especially for mom and dad. They are the only ones at the hospital today. Charlie and I both had to work today, and Rachel and Bryon left on Saturday. We are just asking everyone to pray. We know that ultimately God is in control. We know that we have to trust Him even when our understanding is lacking, and the facts don't seem to add up. When the care doesn't seem to be sufficient and the nurses are too busy - we have to trust. It's really hard to do! We love him so much, and so much want the best there is to offer him. So, please pray that his care would not suffer because his location has changed. Please pray that the family would continue to see God's favor in this situation, regardless of this recent development. Pray that as we know we must, and really have no other choice, we would trust the Lord completely.

There's a great song my Donnie McClurkin, it's one of my favorites actually. It says:

I know that faith is easy
when everything is going well
But can you still believe in Me
when your life's a living hell?
And when all the things around you
seem to quickly fade away
There's just one thing
I really want to know

Will you let go?

(I'll trust you, Lord)
Will you stand on My word?
(I'll trust you, Lord)
Against all odds
will you believe what I have said?

(I'll trust You, Lord)
What seems impossible
(I'll trust You, Lord)
Will you believe?
(I'll trust You, Lord)
Every promise that I made will you receive?
(Yes, I will trust You, Lord)

It's an easy song to sing, but not an easy deceleration to live out. Still - We have no other choice. We trust You, Lord.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 4:45 PM

There's not much in the way of updates, hence why there wasn't one yesterday. Really, the only big thing to report is that he will be moving tomorrow to the step-down unit of ICU. Of that they are 90% sure. His doctor has stated that he's making sure Jonthan gets the best room available down there. He's really taking care of things for him, and for us. Each time something like this happens we have to acknowledge it as the favor of the Lord. Seriously, it's just been incredible how things have worked out. We've always know we serve an incredible God, and "an incredible God deserves incredible praise". So, that's what we've been doing - just thanking God and giving Him the praise for all of Jonathan's progress as well the blessings He's bestowed upon the family.

I want to share with you a scripture that my sister read to me in the beginning of all of this. While we were sitting in the waiting room she showed me this passage of scripture and we both thought what an amazing depiction of this very circumstance. . .

Jonah 2
(The Message)

-9 Then Jonah prayed to his God from the belly of the fish. He prayed:
"In trouble, deep trouble, I prayed to God.
He answered me.
From the belly of the grave I cried, 'Help!'
You heard my cry.
You threw me into ocean's depths,
into a watery grave,
With ocean waves, ocean breakers
crashing over me.
I said, 'I've been thrown away,
thrown out, out of your sight.
I'll never again lay eyes
on your Holy Temple.'
Ocean gripped me by the throat.
The ancient Abyss grabbed me and held tight.
My head was all tangled in seaweed
at the bottom of the sea where the mountains take root.
I was as far down as a body can go,
and the gates were slamming shut behind me forever—
Yet you pulled me up from that grave alive,
O God, my God!
When my life was slipping away,
I remembered God,
And my prayer got through to you,
made it all the way to your Holy Temple.
Those who worship hollow gods, god-frauds,
walk away from their only true love.
But I'm worshiping you, God,
calling out in thanksgiving!
And I'll do what I promised I'd do!
Salvation belongs to God!"

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday, December 26, 9:00 PM

Today was a good day for Jonathan. So far he hasn't responded with any nods today. Although, he has been squeezing hands and moving fingers on command sporadically though still not consistently.

The head trauma Doctor, which we love, came in today to let us know that they will be moving Jonathan to the step down ICU unit either today or tomorrow. He has yet to be moved, so we are assuming it will be tomorrow. They said that he no longer meets the ICU criteria since he has gotten better, but still needs much monitoring. So, he'll be moved very soon. The restrictions as far as visitors will remain the same, and we will let you know when/if that is lifted.

There are a few things that we are asking everyone to pray specifically for. With talking about Jonathan' progression we talked about his future and his current state. Because he is not yet fully aware and yet to respond consistently nor communicate regularly, they are concerned that when the time comes for him to move out of the step down ICU unit he won't yet be ready for the rehabilitation unit here at Tampa General. In order for him to be a candidate for that he needs to be able to communicate consistently as well as be aware. If he is not they will recommend to send him to another rehabilitation facility. We have heard them speak of one in Clearwater and even Sarasota. So, we are asking everyone to agree with us for Jonathan to become fully awake and aware and to contistenly and constantly respond to us and the staff here. Right now it is all too sporadic.

Also, they informed us that rehab for Jonathan will not simply be for his broken bones and such, but will be for him to re-learn many of his "normal behaviors". We are believing that as he wakes, his mind will be restored to a condition better then before the accident, that all memories would be there, and that full function of his entire body and mind would be there. Please believe with us for that. Also, they are unsure of his eye sight and are concerned mostly for his right eye, although his left they are unsure of as well.

The news of him moving is a little bitter sweet for us. We're ecstatic that he is progressing, but still reluctant for him to move as he is still in VERY critical condition. We know he is in God's hands and are so blessed to have a great doctor overseeing everything. When he came to talk with us today he expressed the same sentiments, and didn't want to see Jonathan go, but assured us that he arranged it so that he could remain Jonathan's doctor at least while he is in the ICU step-down unit. We have seen so many expressions of God's favor, and this is one.

Please, as I've already asked, continue to pray with us for complete and total healing.

Friday, December 26, 9:35 AM

As I closed the blog last night I still wasn't settled with the fact that my prayer had yet to be answered. There was still about 2 hours left of Christmas for God to answer. I simply asked that we would, in some way, be able to communicate with Jonathan on Christmas day.

Around 10:30 Charlie came back in the waiting room after spending time with Jonathan. He had just walked through the door, that I was standing near and said "guess what? I was talking to Jonathan and told him that we wanted to communicate with him. I said lets try blinking Jonathan - one blink for yes and two blinks for no. When I ask you a questions try to blink. Do you want me to put the blanket on you Jonathan? and he SHOOK HIS HEAD NO!!". Charlie was so excited, but wanted to make sure it was really an answer to his question and not just him wanting to see that. So, he said, " that's even better, but were you really trying to tell me no? That's when Jonathan again shook his head yes!!" I was so excited!! I told him that's exactly what I've been praying for on Christmas - and yet another answer from the Lord. . . but wait, it gets better, well, at least for me :)

So, we had to wait about an hour as the nurse gave him his bath, changed his sheets, and got him all cleaned up. So, around 11:30 I went back there to stay for the night and the nurse said, not knowing what happened with Charlie, that Jonathan was communication with her. I asked her how and she said that he was shaking his head. she asked him if he was cold now and he shook his head yes. So, then she asked him if he was in pain and he shook his head no. Of course by this point i was ready to see him shake his head in answer to me. So, I asked him if he could hear me, and got nothing. I asked him a few more questions and still - nothing. So, I waited and figured he'd respond when he wanted to. A while later, still standing by his bead I told him I was going to go sit down, but if he wanted me to stay by him for him just to raise his hand and both were raised immediately. So, I asked him another question. I said, "Jonathan, it's Rebecca. Do you remember me?" and a head shake in the form of a yes came, and so did tears like a river. Through my tears I said, "Jonathan, I love you.", and he shook his head yes again. That was it. I stopped asking questions. I was so thrilled that God had answered my prayers, and the prayers of everyone reading this. I knew He would. AS we hear so many times - God's never early, nor is He ever late, but He is always right on time!

All day long we were in and out of his room, and he just would not wake up. He was in such a deep sleep all night long. Then around 10:30 God answered our prayers - a hour and a half left to go until Christmas was over and Jonathan nods his head for the first time. What an amazing God we serve. I am so thrilled - I can't even put it all into words. Every single thing that we have asked for God has done. Every prayer request I have petitioned everyone to pray for has been answered. This stuff isn't by chance. Maybe people could say that the first, second or third time, but now after every single time i post a request - the next post is telling you about the answer - it's all God. There is no other explanation, and for that we give Him thanks. Last night as the family was all in Jonathan's room praying by his bed dad prayed these words, "Thank you Lord for sending your son so my son could be healed" The relation between the two was so beautiful, personal and wholly correct.

So, now it's the day after Christmas and we are just waiting to see what happens next. Please, as the praise reports come in, do not stop praying for the many needs Jonathan still has. I know that often times when we hear of the good things happening we almost think that "it's in the bag" and our prayers aren't really necessary any more. Please, continue to pray with us for Jonathan's full recovery. There have been some talks about his right eye being unresponsive, so please pray for restoration there. Complete wholeness from the top of his head to the souls of his feet is our prayer. Complete restoration and function of very organ, every limb, every muscle and joint - a complete and total healing of his entire body. We trust that God is hearing and answering our every prayer, and just as excitedly as now - I will let you know as each answer comes through, and you can check it off the list as done :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas, 9:45 PM

It's Christmas and reasons to rejoice are evident. We've been here at the hospital with Jonathan all day, just like very other day. Rachel and I were up until very early this morning making Christmas dinner to bring up to the hospital today. We had Christmas dinner up here and opened the presents we had for each other.

Jonathan was in a very deep sleep all day long. We were in there all day with him trying to get him to wake up and respond, but it seemed that he was just too tired to bother. Just about an hour ago all of the family went in there together to let him know we all love him and were there. We prayed with him, even though he was still sleeping. A little while after he started moving his legs a bit and his hands. We started talking and asking him to do things on command and he did. It was little movements, but movements on command nontheless. It seems that he's starting to wake up more as the night draws to a close. So, hopefully as I stay in the room with him tonight i will get my answer to prayer - that he will be able to communicate in some way. Even a squeeze of the hand for a yes or no would be all the Christmas I need!

Thank you to everyone for your Christmas wishes, gifts and comments. We love you all and appreciate all of your love. We hope everyone had a great Christmas with their families and loved ones. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 7:00 PM

It's Christmas eve and we're just as excited, if not more, then every other year. We've been seeing such great improvement, and we're so thankful to the Lord. For over 2 days Jonathan has been breathing on his own. He's been responding to family and nurses more regularly now, although still not consistently just yet. He's answered in winks. He has squeezed hands when asked and he'll kick his feet when we want him to. At times he gets confused, which they say is normal. He'll move his left foot when we ask him to move his right or vice versa.

I can't begin to tell you how joyful i am. It's going to be an amazing Christmas. We are all so blessed to still have Jonathan. To still have the opportunity to tell him we love him, to be able to hold his hand and stroke his head. We're amazed at how far God has brought him so far, and are thinking Him in advance for all that is ahead.

Tomorrow is Christmas and another day to celebrate and rejoice. Please pray with us that even more communication would be made tomorrow. That's our Christmas prayer, and one that we are sure God will answer.

Thank you for all your prayers and love. From our family - we wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 11:40 PM

Today was another good day. Jonathan has been breathing on his own for over 24 hours! He's doing so well. He's coughing up a lot of not so nice stuff, but he's doing it on his own, and breathing just fine all the while.

Today they mentioned that his right eye, the one that received some injuries, was not, nor had they ever seen it responding. The left one on the other hand is always opening and closing, moving around, etc. They told us that this could mean that there was lack of oxygen to the brain which could have cause damage in that area. We just won't know until we get the results from the brain wave test they did recently. We are be living and praying that all sight would be restored.

Other than that - just more waiting. I'm in here now with Jonathan. I was away at work yesterday and today so i am enjoying my time with him now. Every one's expressed to us their condolences for having to spend Christmas in the hospital. . . we are so grateful to be here with Jonathan than mourning at home with a different outcome. God is so good and merciful to us.

Please continue to lift up Jonathan. Everything we have prayed for we have seen God answer. So, pray for it all!! Pray for complete Restoration of every organ, every nerve, all the tissue, the joints and bones. Name it all. Claim it all for Jonathan in Jesus name. I have gone from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet naming as many things as i could for God to restore to what He initially designed it to be. I believe we will see much more progress in the near future. I am praying for some type of communication with the family on Christmas. I believe it will happen.

Thank you all again for your prayers! I'll keep you posted as long as you keep on praying :)

Tuesday, December 23, 10:35 AM

Some more great news to report - Jonathan was taken off of the ventilator yesterday afternoon and has remained breathing on his own since then!!! He's doing great. They even shaved his moustache last night :) It was getting pretty thick, and needed to be done a long time ago, but Charlie was adamant about keeping it for a while. We even got pictures before they shaved it off. With it gone he looks even more like himself. :)

He is still not being very mobile with his left arm. There were some blood clots about 2 weeks ago and has since not been very responsive there. So, please pray that as he begins to become more aware that each part of his body will function as it should, that it will operate to full capacity, without any complications.

Because he is breathing so well on his own, one of the nurses mentioned to us that they may move him out of ICU very shortly - within days. Now, that does not mean that he will be in a regular room for all to come visit. He would still be in the trauma part of the hospital and highly monitored, but still moving out of the most critical care. Although it may sound strange, we are hoping that won't happen for a few days. We are so thankful for such great progress, but still want the great and attentive care for him that he receives in ICU. The nurses there are only assigned to 1, maybe 2 patients in ICU. When the move him the nurses will have 5-10 patients to look after. So, the care, while still good I am sure, will not be as thorough. With that many patients to attend to - it's just not possible. So, we're hoping that he gets a few more days of special attention.

He's still not communicating. Every now and again we'll get him to respond to us on command, but it's sporadic. So, that's my prayer for Christmas - that he'll be aware enough to know that we're there and to communicate in some way - a squeeze of the hand or the blink of an eye. At this point we'll take anything. We're ever so grateful and thankful to the Lord for keeping him and for bringing him through this. There's a long road ahead, but we know the Lord is with us each step we take. Thanks to everyone again for you prayers. We love you so much!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, December 22, 10:15 AM

PRAISE THE LORD!! HE is so good, and we are just so thrilled to let everyone know that our prayers have been answered!!! I can not begin to tell you how overjoyed I am right now. I am at work today and just got a call from my dad with the results of the cat scan that they did yesterday evening - THE FLUID HAS DIMINISHED!! It's gone down rather than gone up and we are rejoicing for yet another victory. We have been praying for this very thing all weekend long, and asked all of you to join us in prayer and fasting for this very need. How great is our God to answer!! :) If you could see me now, with tears filling my eyes, but this time out of such joy and amazement of God's grace. We serve an amazing God!!

Yesterday afternoon we met with the head trauma doctor as he let us know that they have relatively done all the fixing that they can do right now. All of the broken bones have been reconstructed, all other issues have been dealt with and now we wait for Jonathan's response. Dad of course let him know that while he and the medical staff have done all they can do - God is still working and is doing more than what they know. Amazing that the day after that conversation a result like this comes through.

Just as God's word says in 1 John 4:14-15 (The Message)
. And how bold and free we then become in his presence, freely asking according to his will, sure that he's listening. And if we're confident that he's listening, we know that what we've asked for is as good as ours.

Thank you to everyone who prayed and fasted with us. May your faith be built as you see the results of those prayers. God heard and answered your cry! So, now we ask you to pray once again. This morning they are doing a brain wave test to see the activity in Jonathan's brain. We are believing, as with the fluid build up, that all will be well and functioning as God designed. Pray with us, and share in the joy of another answered prayer!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 9:30 PM

Today was another busy day for Jonathan, but thankfully as I sit in the room with him - he is resting and sleeping quite soundly. There were a few things they did today. They did do another cat scan to see where and how much fluid was on the brain. We have yet to hear the results of that scan so please, continue to pray specifically for that issue.

They did start feeding him today. In a procedure on Friday they put a feeding tube directly in his stomach, but wanted a few days to put some fluids through it to make sure all was working properly. Since they haven't had any problems with it they started feeding him earlier this afternoon and so far he has responded well to it. They also took out the staples in his abdomen. They initially had to open it as a last resort the day of the accident to save him. With so much internal bleeding and other issues it was necessary. They weren't able to close it up until about 1 and 1/2 weeks later and today were able to take out the staples. Along with those two things they also took him completely off of the respirator. They wanted to see how long he could breathe on his own. He did it for about an hour until his heart rate started getting too high and then they put him back on. They'll continue to do this periodically to test his lungs and to ween him off of the respirator. He is initiating most all of his breathes, but still needs some assistance from the machine for now. We know that he'll be off of that in no time.

God has been so faithful. While yesterday was a rather emotional day for some of us, today was a day to celebrate all the small improvements and to really sit back and realize that this is not just an event that took place. This is life from now on, and while we're a little tired - we're so grateful for the opportunity to be living this with Jonathan.

I was thinking the other day and many of you that know me also know that my mind can wander to many places :), but I was thinking about later on down the road. I thought, how amazing would it be if once Jonathan is out of this ordeal, God would choose to use him as the vessel through which he would heal my dad. That by my dad's prayers of healing for Jonathan, it in fact brings his own! Oh, the amazing things I see God doing in this situation - all the possibilities that I think of - I just get so excited and anxious to see it all happen.

Sorry to everyone that I said I would get back to and let them know about visiting. They're still not allowing anyone but immediate family back in the room with Jonathan. Before, when he was sedated, it wasn't as big a deal, but now that he's waking up they are being very strict, because the more people in the room - the more agitated he becomes. So, thank you to everyone that wants to come see him, we will let you know when that's possible. I also know that many of you expressed the desire to come out and show your support to the family, especially my parents - all they ask is that you call before stopping by. There are many happenings here through out the day that demand their attention. So, they won't always be available. They love you all so much and appreciate, beyond words, your love and your prayers.

Just thought i'd share another picure to remind us all of Jonathans wonderful silliness :) . . .

Sunday, December 21, 12:15 AM

A long day for Jonathan. He's waking up more and more - not really aware or able to communicate yet, but become agitated with the realization of his current state. We are unsure of when they will be doing to cat scan to determine the amount of fluid in between his skull and brain. Today, as we asked all of you to do, we fasted and were in prayer for complete dissipation of all of the fluid. Tonight, sitting with Jonathan in the room, we put on some instrumental worship music and sat quietly in prayer. He was still moving all around, but became more settled as the music continued and we prayed. There is a peace that comes in the presence of the Lord, and we know that is what he was experiencing tonight.

Please continue to pray with us for the best results of the upcoming cat scan. Yesterday and today was a little more emotional for the family. Just this week are we really seeing Jonathan wake up. While we are happy and thrilled that he is - the realization of his situation are becoming more evident to us all. Before the sedation medication was masking his struggle to us. His body was only manifesting it in numbers on a screen. Now that he's off of the sedation medications we are seeing his struggle physically. We are seeing his discomfort in his reactions and grimace of his face. We see it in the frustration of tears and his effort to speak though nothing can be said with a trach and a jaw wired shut. It's difficult seeing someone you love just laying there with tubes everywhere and monitors galore, but seeing someone that you love aware of their position, in pain and frustrated that they can't change their current state is even more difficult. God has been so gracious with us, and given us so much mercy and grace to deal with it all. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, your encouragement, and your support.

I will keep you posted with the results of the cat scan. Please, continue to pray.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 1:45 AM

It's a little late or very early depending on how you look at it, but i wanted to get another update in before I get a few hours of sleep tonight.

The rest of the day went as it has been going. More of Jonathan getting agitated when the nurses come in, his pain medication kicking in and him settling down. Tonight will probably be more of the same. Mom is staying with him tonight.

I really just wanted to remind everyone that today we will be fasting off of lunch to pray for the disipation of the fluid on Jonathan's brain. They will be doing another cat scan Sunday at 4:00 AM. If more fluid has cultivated then they will have to go in and drain it. We are praying that won't be the case. Also, they will not know what the fluid is unless they have to go in and drain it. It is either blood or spinal fluid. We are praying it is blood - that would be from the surgeries or from the facial injuries and once drained would no longer be an issue. The other possibiliy would be that the fluid is spinal fluid. Although we know that there are two possibilities we also know the God of all impossibilities, and we are asking that He would do what is humanly impossible - to disipate the fluid that is currently there and that the cat scan on sunday would not only show no reason to operate, but no fluid at all.

We have seen so many answers to prayer through this entire situation. This is yet another aspect that we are expecting and believing to see God's hand. Thank you for agreeing with us. Tomorrow at noon as the family joins in prayer, no matter where you are, please join with us and agree with us for Jonathan's complete healing and this specific need.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, December 19, 11:15 AM

There are a few updates, and some specific things that the family is asking of everyone.

This morning they took out the staples in his head. There was a little bleeding with that, but all is OK. They just took him down to get the feeding tube put directly into his stomach. They have been waiting to do this until his fever was down, and they were sure there was no fluid there. So, he's down there now finally getting some food, which we are certain he will be appreciative of. Please be praying that with that addition there will be no infection or complications. With any additional openings or tubes there is always chance of infection. So, we are praying against that.

The neurosurgeon came in and spoke to my dad and I this morning. They got the results from the MRI, and did see some fluid build up on the right side of the brain. They are monitoring it closely. As of yet it is not enough that they would need to go in and drain it. However, they have noticed increase in that fluid build up in the past week. Although it has been minimal, they still need to monitor it and make sure that if it does increase then it will need to be extracted. We were told that they are not sure what type of fluid it would be. They said that if it is blood, that would be best and probably just drainage from his other facial injuries and surgeries. If it is blood then usually, they drain it and have no further complications. However, if it's not blood - it would be spinal fluid which would be an indication of some damage there. So far they have not seen any injuries to the spine, but he notified us that this could be an indication that there is in fact some damage. So, we are asking that everyone be in prayer for that.

My dad has asked that tomorrow at lunch, instead of eating, everyone fast and pray. We know the power that comes with persistence. We are believing that as His people push in and make our petitions known that He will hear our cry. We are so thankful that everyone has been praying and agreeing with us for Jonathan's complete recovery.
We know that God has been with Jonathan and us every step of the way. Thank you to everyone who has been praying. We simply ask that you would continue, more fervently than before. As always, I will keep you updated as news comes to us.

Psalm 35:13
Yet when they were ill, I put on sackcloth and humbled myself with fasting.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 10:15 PM

There's not much in the way of updates. He is resting right now. He's been doing that a lot today. After yesterday and last night it is much needed. He is still getting agitated when he comes to a little bit and out of his anti anxiety meds, but who can blame him. He's really handling it all very well. The nurses have commented on how great he's been doing. Sure he's gotten agitated and tried to position his body so that he can pull at the tubes, but they are used to so much worse. Just another testament of God's grace.

We haven't heard any news from neurology about Jonathan's MRI early this morning. The head trauma doctor told us that he didn't see anything out of the norm, but was sending it over to neurology to see what they saw. We haven't heard anything, and like always we are believing that no news is good news.

I want to thank everyone from PMSI. Pam dropped off a book of letters, prayers and well wishes. Even though they were all addressed to the Jonathan, we read them anyway :), and found great encouragement. We've always known that he is loved by many, and that book is proof of that. So, thank you so much. We have set it in his room so that we can read it to him when he is aware.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray. Though we trust the hands and skills of the doctors - their abilities and knowledge only goes so far. So, we are trusting in the Great Physician!

Thursday, December 18, 9:40 AM

Last night was a bit eventful. Around 2:00 AM they took Jonathan down to get an MRI. We haven't heard the results from that yet. We're still believing that the fluid that they think is there will not be.

Jonathan was pretty good again last night. They've been giving him an anti anxiety med that really helps calm him down. The only time he fussed a little was when the nurse had to come in an do anything. So, each time i got up and told him I was there and that everything was OK. That settled him each time. I think when he starts to get agitated he just needs to hear that he's not alone and hear a familiar voice. We're so glad that we can bring some comfort for him through this.

Please continue to pray that he has a good day and the good reports continue to come. As soon as we get the results from the MRI I will let you know.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 11:00 pm

Today was a better day for Jonathan then yesterday. They have started him on an ani-anxiety medication so that is helping him a lot! He still moves throughout the day, but now a familiar voice or a soft touch seems to calm him down when yesterday nothing would do the trick.

Today he had a small procedure. Basically, he go some radiation exposure to his hip. The doctors said they do this because it helps the bone that the repaired to grow back properly. Otherwise, he would be at high risk to need a hip replacement in the next couple of years.

Tonight, or early this morning, they are trying to get Jonathan down to get an MRI. They are concerned that there might be some access fluid on the brain. If the MRI does show that is the case then obviously, they'll need to operate in order to drain and relieve that. So, please be praying specifically for this issue.

On a brighter note - Jonathan has been responding a lot today. Earlier, he grabbed my mom's hand and held it, and the nurse asked to give him a thumbs up and he did!! Well, after being away all day because of work then leading worship at church, i finally got back to his room. Rachel was already in here. I came around to the left side of his bed and looked in his eye that was open. I just said, hey Jonathan, it's Rebecca and he winked his eye. Then I told him , I love you Jonathan. I love you big brother, and he winked his eye again. . . It could be totally coincidental, but I truly believe that he was winking in response to me, and it felt so good to have that.

He's pretty out right now. He's had a busy day today and definitely needs his rest. I am praying for another peaceful night, and more good reports tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 8:20 AM

Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!! I asked everyone to agree with us for a restful night for Jonathan last night , and God definitely answered those prayers! :)
I stayed with him last night , and was pleasantly surprised to get about 2-3 hours of sleep. He calmed down around midnight and the only time he really started moving or became agitated was when the nurse turned the lights on to bathe him or give him medication or suction his lungs out. I helped her through that by holding his hand. He kept trying to block her - he's a stubborn one :), but after she was done the hand went down and he went back to sleep. I kept thanking the Lord for his grace. I stayed up most of the night just watching him, making sure he was ok. It seems when we're in that room we can't take our eyes off of him.

We continue to be amazed at God's grace. Some say that we should be used to it, but I hope we never do get used to it. I hope that with each answered prayer I am still in awe that the God of all creation has heard me, listened to my heart and loved me enough to answer. I think that will forever elicit awe. We are still standing on God's word that promises that He will heal Jonathan. We have seen His hand thus far and believe the best is yet to come.

Isaiah 53:5 (New International Version)

5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday, Deceber 16, 11:00 PM

Last night was a rough night for Jonathan and for my mom who stayed in the room. Please pray that tonight Jonathan gets rest , and that as he continues to become more aware that he will not also become more agitated. His heart rate is still pretty high , and they've still got his restraints on and have had to tighten them a bit because he keeps getting closer and closer to the trach and other tubes. The nurses told us that this is completely normal and restraints have to be used on nearly every patient in ICU at some point. We are just praying that his responses will not be as dramatic as the nurses have warned us they would - that God would give him peace and take away the discomfort of all of the tubes and such. We're praying for an understanding and a knowing that he is OK, that his family is here with him, and that God has him in his hands.

It's difficult for all of us to see him in such discomfort and frustration, but often there's a struggle before there's progress. So, we're believing that. Please be in prayer for peace as well as his vitals to level out. Thank you so much.

To all of those that have taken or received clothes for the prayer quilt - please turn them in as soon as possible. With so much work needing to be done, the sooner Megan can get started the better.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got a phone call from dad, as I had to work today. He asked if I would write here to ask everyone to pray specifically for a few things. At present Jonathan's heart rate and blood pressure are climbing and getting pretty high. He's also started to cultivate a fever. This has been going on pretty much all morning. The more he becomes aware - the more his heart right and blood pressure rise.

He hasn't been able to get any nourishment. His body hasn't responded well to the feeding tube that is going down his nose at present. The head trauma doctor wants to do a cat scan to see if it would be possible to put the feeding tube directly in the stomach. However, they aren't going to move him while his vitals are so high. So, please be praying for peace for Jonathan and his body to calm and level out. We can't imagine all that he must be feeling physically and emotionally as he wakes, but God does. Please agree with us that all will be stable and well shortly. We will keep you updated on his progress, and as always - thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, December 16, 9:30 AM

Please be praying. Mom stayed in the room with Jonathan last night and said that he was very restless and very agitated. He was becoming very aware and was moving a lot. The nurse tried to calm him down, but according to mom - that only made it worse. That doesn't surprise me :)Finally around 6 am he calmed down after more pain medication was given to him. So, please be praying that he has peace as he wakes up and that the pain is not realized. HE is on constant pain medication, but really until he wakes up will they realize how much more he needs. Obviously, last night he needed more. Now he is resting and so is mom. Please pray that today he gets more rest and over the next few days as he wakes more and more that he will awake with comfort and peace in the midst of all the realization of what has happened to him. Thank you for you prayers. The major surgeries are out of the way. Now, this is the part most of us are not good at - waiting.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15, 11:00 PM

Jonathan made it out of surgery just fine. They took him back later then expected and came out of surgery close to 7:00 PM. He is still out from the anesthesia plus they have given him a paralytic so that he will remain still. They don't want him moving right now, because they don't want him to do any damage to what the surgeons have just corrected.

They will be taking him off of sedation again so he will be waking up some time this week. Please be in prayer that as he wakes up and realizes what has happened that he will have peace. We have had nearly 3 weeks to wrap our heads around everything, and really for the first time Jonathan will have to deal with the reality of what has taken place. It's one thing for us to deal with a loved on in his condition, but another thing completely when you are the one going through the process. We are believing that as God has been so faithful to do - He will again answer our prayers and grant him the peace and comfort we are asking for.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there*

Monday, December 15, 2:00 PM

Just wanted to update everyone - they just brought Jonathan back to surgery. They were supposed to bring him back at 10:30 this morning, but another case came up that was more urgent and required use of the OR. We got word from the doctor that they will only be operating on the right pelvis. The other side has already begun to heal, and he believes it will heal just fine on it's own. So, praise the Lord - God is aswering our prayers once again!! I will keep everyone posted and let you know when he is out of surgery.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 11:20 PM

Today was an emotional day. Some bring more tears than others and it really just seems to come sporadically. There were many conversations today that involved tears -some sadness and some joy. Sitting in here at night when the lights are dim, the hall is pretty quiet and it's just me and him usually elicits some tears. Unless I'm writing on here I can't take my eyes off of him, waiting for his eyes to open or him to move.

Today he was in and out of the sedation a few times. I already told you about this morning with Rachel and then my mom. Well, after that, Rachel and I were in the room with him this afternoon. We put the CD player on and played the song healer and he started waking up. We told him that he was in an accident, but that he was OK and that we were all here. He was squirming in the bed and as his face continued to squint we realized me might be trying to talk. So, we told him that he couldn't talk right now, but when he got a little better he'd be able to. We told him everything was OK and that we loved him. His eye was open and he wiggled his foot on command. He was there and he understood what we were saying. So we kept telling him that we loved him. It wasn't long before he was asleep again and he hasn't woken up since.

I was so glad to know that he could hear and understand that we love him and that we're there, but it was hard to see. To see the frustration and him uncomfortable and not really understanding all that was taking place. . .Just a few minutes ago, standing by his bed, I just began telling him again how much I love him, and thanking the Lord that he's still here. The latter was followed by more tears, but this time - tears of thanksgiving for God's mercy and grace.

Here in the hospital and especially in the ICU you see so many families come in at the lowest point - where we were nearly 3 weeks ago. They've just gotten the news that a loved one was seriously injured and they are unsure if they'll make it. Life is hanging in the balance. Tonight i talked to a man whose son has a severe stroke and heart attack. They are still in the first 72 hour crucial period and are unsure how things will turn out. His son is only 45 years old. . . Just about 25 minutes ago a young man was out in the hallway all alone crying. Dad went out to talk/pray with him and found out that his fiance was walking and got hit by a car tonight. They're unsure if she'll make it through the night. . . We've met many more people and each of them has an equally sad story that would make your heart break for them. Each one of them - some member of our family has gotten to speak to them about the Lord in some capacity. We've given out books of God's promises to some. To others it's been a simple listening ear and a prayer at the end of a conversation. We're in this with them in a way. We're all going through many of the same emotions and feelings. The difference - many of them don't know the God we do. They have yet to know him as their salvation, yet alone as their healer, comfort, peace, refuge, etc. I believe God is already starting to use Jonathan's situation to touch many lives, and I know many, many more to come.

thank you all for your prayers - please continue. Also, please do not forget to bring back the pieces of cloth for the prayer quilt. We have handed out many, but have only gotten a handful back and would like to get started on that for Jonathan a.s.a.p. So, please get them in as soon as you can.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there*

Sunday, December 14, 2:45 PM

Sorry that I haven't updated here in nearly a day.

There was nearly no change all through the night, but early this morning we saw some signs of him waking up. Because the sedative has been in his system for so long the doctors have told us that it could take up to 3 days for it to get out of his system. So, he still has not woken up fully yet. Although, this morning, Jonathan responded to Rachel and my mom. First, Rachel asked him to squeeze her hand and he did and then went back to sleep. Then, Mom was in there a few hours later and saw he was a little aware and asked him to move his fingers and he moved his thumb. So, we're seeing some responses, although, he's still very sedated and still very asleep. He comes in and out. He's doing well. The fever is down today. Continue to pray that it remains that way.

Praise report -

As I mentioned a few days ago they said that there was an infection somewhere. They were trying to determine where the infection was, but finally after all the test declared that there was infect no infection!!! So, they are going to be proceeding with the surgery on the pelvis tomorrow.

Keep praying that God would continue to give Jonathan peace and comfort him as he wakes up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 12:00 PM

Please be praying. We just got word that today they are completely taking him of of the sedation for a period of time today. We're not sure how long he will be off, but long enough for them to see his responses to commands, etc. The sedation medication that he has been on this week has been stronger than the one they had him on at first. So, it will take longer for him to come off of it and wake up. They have already put restraints on his arms as they are certain that as he wakes up he won't realize what has happened and what is going on. Please be praying that as he wakes up he will have peace rather than fear or become anxious. Pray that his responses will be what they should and that the nurses and doctors doing the assessments will be patient and caring.

We have been through this process a little bit already and it can be hard to see. Please pray with us that while we are in the room it will bring comfort to Jonathan and that we will have the Lord's comfort and peace throughout. Thank you. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, December 12, 10:45 PM

Sitting here in the room with Jonathan and thinking of how precious this time is. During recent conversation Rachel and I both expressed how when we are in the room and by his bed we constantly want to touch him - to hold his hand, rub his arm, fix his robe, stroke his hair or face. We just want to be close. Right now, I am cherishing this time. This time that we have to be as close as we want. To hold his hand without him telling us to stop or to stroke his hair without him batting our hands away. It's sad to think that I've told him that I love him more times since he's been sedated than I may have told him in the past year. We take so many things for granted. Even this time with him now is something i cherish. He may not be able to talk back to us or show us much recognition that he hears and understands us, but still - he's here and we are ever so grateful and thankful and fully cherishing every moment. . .

As far as updates - there aren't many or at least nothing big to report. I mentioned in the other update today that they were pretty certain the infection was in the lungs, well, that's not the case any longer. They did a biopsy of the trach and they are going to be doing an ultrasound of his gallbladder. So, I believe we'll know more tomorrow. As far as his fever, currently it's down to about 99.3 which is a huge improvement from the 102 that it was earlier today. So, thank you all for your prayers and thank you Lord for answering them.

This weekend is more rest and more antibiotics, more assessments and more test to see if he can handle the feeding tube. In order for the surgery on the pelvis to proceed Monday or Tuesday - all of the infections and fever has to be under control. So, be praying that with rest this weekend comes healing of all of that.

Quickly, I'll share with you another testament to God's grace and mercy. . .

Charlie has been getting Jonathan's affairs in order and taking care of a lot of his accounts, and insurance related issues. He's been so wonderful with all of that. Well, he also called to get the police report. At first they couldn't find it under an accident report. They finally told Charlie that they found it, but that it was filed under fatalities. At first glance, on the scene, no one thought he was going to make it out alive. It's been 2 weeks and 2 days since the accident and not only is he alive, but he is improving. He's progressing, and God is most definitely healing. . . It's little things like that story that keep you grounded through all of this. It's hard to deal when you start to miss him. It comes in moments for all of us. We'll be fine and then it'll hit us, but then when you really think about all God's done already - you see that He really is taking care of him - that's when the peace that passes all out understanding comes in and in that moment it's ok again.

Friday, December 12, 9:25 AM

In the time span of just a single hour Jonathan's fever has shot up from normal to 102. While I was sitting in there he was trying to cough so the nurse had to suction from the trach. From that all kinds of mucus came through the tube, which is good tat she got it out, but not good news that it's down in there. That tube goes to the lungs and that's where they had pretty much ruled the infection was coming from. That is what's causing the fever, and that is the reason for the postponed operation. His lungs are very fragile. Although, the respirator has shown us that Jonathan is initiating his breaths more than the machine. Every time it's a red line instead of a green one that means that Jonathan took the breath himself. This morning was nearly all red lines!!

Please be praying that this infection gets cleared up shortly and Jonathan can have a restful weekend. They are hoping to have surgery on his pelvis Monday or Tuesday, but can not give us any definite date right now due to the current issues. We are believing all will be well so that they can proceed with the surgery. We know God is Jehovah Rapha - the Lord that healeth - and we believe that for Jonathan.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 10:45 PM

We're all settling in for the night. Dad's laying on the small "couch" in the waiting room, Mom's going to take a shower, Charlie's sitting in the room with Jonathan, Rachel and Bryon are headed out to go sleep at Charlie's apartment and I am updating everyone.

This afternoon they let us know that they had postponed the surgery on his pelvis to either Monday or Tuesday. Because of the infection, there would be too much of a risk to bring him into surgery. So, they're going to make sure to get that under control before they schedule the surgery again. He's doing OK today. Not much happening - just more and more rest which he needs. They may start the feeding tube again tomorrow as longs as his bowels continue to move like they have been. So, pray that does happen.

We're all getting ready to get a couple hours of sleep. I'll keep y'all posted on any changes.

Thursday, December 11, 9:30 AM

This morning we are asking that everyone be praying. We were just informed that Jonathan has a high fever again. Yesterday his temperature was fine, but early this morning it started to go up once again. This time, more than others, they are a little concerned. They have determined that the fever is not from reaction to surgery or medication. The only other option is that there is an infection. They are working to determine where that infection is coming from. They are concerned that it may have to do with the fluid in his lungs from a few days ago when he asperated. So, please, please be praying. I know you all are already doing so, but specifically for this. If they do not get this under control they will not be able to do the surgery tomorrow. If that's the case he will have to wait til early next week to get the pelvis fixed. So, keep this specific need in prayer please and I will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything else.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 4:15 PM

Jonathan got out of surgery about 1 hour ago. He made it through just fine. Actually, the doctors said once they were in there they realized it wasn't as bad as they had originally assessed. They were able to stretch the skin already on his elbow to cover what was necessary. There was no talk of nerve damage or any of that. So, it was a pretty routine surgery with zero complications. They are letting him rest tonight and tomorrow since Friday they are doing surgery on both sides of the pelvis.

More good news - his bowels are beginning to get regular. They are responding more quickly now and are on there way to regularity, which has never before been a problem with Jonathan and I am sure will recover faster than most would expect :)

to prove my point - here's a picture Jonathan once sent to my cell. Guess where he is?? :)

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Wednesday, December 10, 9:45 AM

Just before they took Jonathan down for surgery we rushed back to pray with him. He is going in at 10 AM to get some work done on his elbow. There was a lot of missing skin and possible nerve damage, etc. I don't believe they'll know the full extent of the injury until they're in surgery. I'll let you know as soon as he's out. Please be praying.

Last night was a good night. He slept soundly throughout. A few good reports for ya -they said that the bacterial infection in both of his eyes is responding well to the antibiotic ointment and is deteriorating. Also, they took the pins out of his right leg that was holding it in traction. So, we're making progress. Little by little things are getting better. They have also started weening him off of the respirator again and he's doing well with that. Only when he gets excited and his heart rate really shoots up do you notice any change in his need for the respirator, but that's normal. Most of us get short of breathe when we experience anything extremely painful or traumatic. All-in-all he's doing well. With each passing day, each surgery that he gets through without complication and every night that he wakes in the morning from is a blessing, an encouragement and a testimony of God's mercy and His faithfulness. We serve an awesome God!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 11:15 PM

Sitting here with mom and dad in the waiting room just before we all settle in for the night. Dad's making jokes and mom's got her coffee in hand. They've been here very night. Dad said that it's his job to protect him and that he will do. We're all holding up as good as can be expected during this time. Thank you to everyone who's brough food, snacks, drinks, sent cards and lifted up prayers. The latter is the most needed. Just wanted to write a quick not of thanks from Mom and dad. They are so grateful to you all for you support and love expressed. Each night I read them the comments many of you leave and their hearts are encouraged. It is a nice break in the midst of rough days. Thanks again. We love you all!

Tuesday, December 9, 9:30 PM

Jonathan's doing well tonight. He is sound asleep and his body is getting the rest that it is in much need of. His fever is down for now, his heart rate a little high, but nothing to be concerned about. Tomorrow is the surgery on his elbow. We're not sure what time yet. I'll let everyone know as soon as we do. Please continue praying.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Tuesday, December 9, 10:15 AM

Jonathan had a good night of rest last night. After learning of two complications, the fluid in his lungs and the contraction of MRSA, he definitely needed it and so did we. Just a few minutes ago they took him down to get a cat scan of his pelvis. As of now here's what the rest of the week looks like for him:
Wednesday - surgery on his elbow
Thursday - rest
Friday - surgery on the pelvis bones - both sides

After this week most of the major surgeries will be done. There will be others that are needed, but all of the 6-10 hour surgeries will be done and a real focus on neurological issues can begin. We stand believing that God has already healed any damage that may have occurred.

As we get any updates I will pass them along to all of you. Thank you for keeping up with Jonathan's progress and for your fervent prayers.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Writing this blog with latex gloves, a gown and face mask on because we were just informed that Jonathan has contracted MRSA. Don't be alarmed - it's not as serious as many would think. It is not in his blood stream, only on his nose. So, for now we have to make sure we are covered so that we don't contract it or spread it anywhere else on him when we touch him. They have informed us that this is pretty routine stuff so no need to be alarmed, just cautious.

As far as the fluid in his lungs they will be draining that tomorrow morning. What happened was because he had a bowel movement they started him on the feeding tube again. Well, his bowels still weren't moving quick enough to pass it through so he threw it up and some drained into his lungs. Because they caught it in time and it's not other bodily fluid filling up his lungs they said it should not cause any major complications, but they need to drain it nonetheless.

so, after a night of high fever, lung alarms, and MRSA - it's time to get some rest. Both Jonathan and I are a bit worn out. So, as i lay in here tonight with him I pray that god gives his body rest. That He gives him strength to fight, peace to ease his mind and comfort to know God is with him. I pray his sleep is sweet and his body is made strong.

Thank you all for your prayers. I can't say it enough.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Monday, December 8, 9:25 PM

Please pray! We just got word that there is some liquid building up in Jonathan's lungs. This could cause pnemonia and other serious complications. Please be in prayer that they can drain this and get it under control. He is still struggeling with a fever. His immune system is already so low and continues to be stripped with antibiotics. We need God to take care of this and strengthen his body. Everything's so fragile. The slightest complication could cause major issues. We trust that God has him in His hands. We are believing it will be done in Jesus name!

Monday, December 8, 7:45 PM

I got back to the hospital after work to see Jonathan doing well. He's asleep and resting, but I got the news that he finally pooped!! I know that may seem silly to some or gross to others, but they were very concerned about that all working and it finally did today. Please pray as he still has a fever. They are also going to start weening him off of the sedation medication again. They told us they will most likely have to put restraints on him because as he wakes up more and more he will get stronger and harder to calm down. Also, he may try to rip out some of the tubes and such. So, please be praying that he handles this well and not as bad as they are expecting.

They are still planning on doing surgery on the pelvis either Wednesday or Thursday. I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as we find out.

Thank you for all of your prayers!! Keep 'em comin'!!

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Monday, December 8, 8:45 AM

After such a long surgery yesterday, they tried their best to let him rest last night. Around 9:30 last night they were having a problem with a fever again. At it's highest it was 102.4! They determined that the fever, like most, could be from possible infection. We're unclear if there is definitely an infection or if they think there is an infection. Either way - they have given him antibiotics to counteract any possible infection. They are already seeing some movement as they took off the sedation to that they could assess his responses and such. They have put him back on sedation and are allowing him to rest today. Wednesday or Thursday is when they are talking about going into surgery for both sides of the pelvis. This would again be a 8-10 hour surgery. I will keep everyone posted and let you know when that will take place.

The main thing right now is getting rid of any possible infection. Please be praying that this round of antibiotics works and the fever subsides. His heart rate and blood pressure have also been a consistent issue as is expected with so many injuries, pain and trauma. We are praying that all would stabilize. Thank you all for your prayers - they are most needed during this time.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 8:35 PM

Jonathan's surgery is finally over. They just finished everything about an hour and a half ago. Sorry for not updating throughout the day. It was just more and more of waiting. It's been kind of a long day.

The surgery went just fine. We knew it would be a 6-10 hour surgery and it was exactly 10 hours. They just brought him upstairs, and we are waiting now to go in and see him. They notified us that they took care of everything in his face today. So, as long as there is no infections, they won't have to perform any more surgeries with the exception of possible plastic surgery later on.

He's done great today. They are going to be letting him rest tonight. I think we're going to try to do that as well. Thank you all once again for your love and prayers. We love you all so much!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 9:30 PM

After such a rough night last night they pretty much let Jonathan rest. There were a few times that we saw his body react to the lower dose of sedative, but nothing like last night. He's doing ok now. They are preparing for surgery tomorrow morning starting at 7:30 AM. They are going to do surgery on the remaining broken bones in his face. As there are several things to work on it could be a 6-10 hour surgery, depending on how well things go once they're in there. He needs to have a good night tonight so that his body can be rested and strong enough for the surgery so early in the morning. I know that you all are praying. Please continue to do so.

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Saturday, December 6, 1:10 PM

This is absolutely Jonathan! Thought it'd make everybody smile :)

Saturday, December 6, 9:15 AM

Around 3:30 AM Jonathan started to calm down. As I sat by his bed side i just kept asking God to give him comfort and peace. I kept saying the name of Jesus and I know it wasn't wishful thinking, but proof that when I spoke that name - the numbers dropped.

They are weening him off of the sedation medicine which, in simple terms, they have described as an anti-anxiety medication. He is still on the pain medication and they're not taking him off of that. Last night his body was responding in ways we had yet to see, although the nurses said it was definitely normal. There was a combination of things his body was adapting to and reacting to. He had a fever so he was hot, but they put him on a cold blanket that caused him to shiver, then the sedation wasn't as high so he was reacting to it all more than he had before. It was hard to see, and I asked everyone for prayer. That was all I could do. I sat by his bed rubbing and holding his hand. That, with prayer, was the only thing that seemed to calm him in the slightest. They said that it would take a while before his body adjusted to the lower dose of sedative. It took until about 3:30 this morning. He's resting now and all of his vitals are stable once again.

It was a hard night, but as Psalm 30:5 says "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." We are again thankful for God's mercy and His grace and to all that have been praying - please continue!

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2:10 AM

Here in the room with Jonathan and asking that whoever is awake now and reading this will take the time to pray - now. They are currently trying to ween him off of the sedation. They aren't taking him off completely, but lowering his dose. His body isn't responding well. So far it's been a difficult night. I am sitting here praying over him and holding his hand. I know God is hearing me and will hear you too. Please be praying!!

*They are still limiting visitors to family and clergy. If you decide to come to the hospital please be aware of that. There will always be some family in the ICU waiting room. All visitors should make there way there.*

Friday, December 5, 9:30 PM

There's been some news to share since I've gotten back to the hospital from work. Again, Jonathan's fever is high. They have once again put a ice blanket underneath him to try and keep it down. Please pray that it goes down and remains down.

Also, while I was in there sitting with him the optometrist came in to check on his eyes. After doing a few test and putting in some drops he said that there was some definite scratches on both eyes. They are on the outsides of the cornea. He said there's also some bacterial infection so they put some antibacterial ointment in both of his eyes. They won't be able to determine anything about his vision until later on after the's off of the sedation meds.

So, please continue to pray for him as we are sure that you are. We know he is in God's hand and are trusting that he will do the miracles we are asking.

Friday, December 5, 9:15 AM

Last night I stayed in the room with Jonathan. It was a rough night, as most are. During the night they are constantly coming in to rearrange him and change dressings, take x-rays, check all the lines running in him, etc. Last night was more of the same. He had a few coughing fits, which the nurses reassured me were good for him, but still i got up from my sleep to rub his shoulder and hold his hand til they stopped.

right now the nurse is giving him a thorough cleaning. She and I both agreed it was over due. With so many tubes and dressings - things can begin to smell rather quickly. They are taking very good care of him here and we are so grateful.

In just a bit they will be changing around some lines. They are also going to be doing some things with his bowels today as yesterday was no success. It is very important that they get this taken care of. They have a few other possibilities of things to do today as well and I will keep you updated as we get definite news of anything else.

Thanks so much for your prayers. God is faithful.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 8:30 PM

I got back to the hospital after a very difficult day - my first day back to work. I was happy to be informed that they had made some progress in getting his fever and blood pressure down. They also took out the second chest tube. The first one was taken out yesterday. So, little by little they are getting rid of tubes. I am very anxious for that. They have again started to ween him off of the ventilator.Today was a day of rest for him, as will be tomorrow. They informed us that they are unable to do the MRI due to the plates that they put in his face and the wiring that they used for the jaw. They haven't told us of anything else that is planned. Right now, it's just a lot of rest for his body. I'm sure next week there will be more surgeries and procedures.

As you continue to pray, please do so for his bowels. Without getting too detailed and giving more information then necessary - they are not functioning regularly. He is not passing any of the food that is being given to him through the feeding tube and that is creating some complications. So, please pray that all begins to work properly.

More and more each day many of you are expressing your love and support for Jonathan and to our family. Thank you. I know Jonathan will love to read and see all the comments and those that love him so dearly.

Thursday, December 4, 10:10 AM

This morning is much of the same - they are having some trouble with his fever and blood pressure again. Please, specifically pray for these things today. They have determined that there is an iffection and they are combatting that with medicine right now. They have warned us that infections could cause major complications and set backs, but we are believing that will not be the case. We have seen so many answers of our prayers and are believing that as Matthew 18:19 says "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." I know that many more than two are praying, and we are believing that the answer will come. I will let you know when it does!

Just thought I'd share another favorite picture of mine . . .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 10:30 PM

Tonight i went to church to lead worship. When I got back i found out that they had put an ice blanket underneath Jonathan so that they could bring the fever down. It was pretty bad and they were obviously concerned. When I walked in I saw that his body was shivering and tried my best to warm him up. I kept rubbing his shoulder and after a while the shivering finally stopped. Please be praying that the fever remains low or nonexistent even.

Today the took out the brain monitor. They said that since his pressure had not gone up they didn't need to keep it in any longer. Since they did that they are now able to do an MRI. They'll do that possibly tomorrow. They also want to start working on the pelvis on both sides sometime later this week/weekend or early next week.

I know I have already asked you to pray for his fever, but I am asking again. They have notified us that the cause of the fever could possibly be an infection. We of course are praying that is not the case and are asking that you would do the same. His immune system is so weak already that his body may not be strong enough to fight off anything else. We are praying that God continues to strengthen him.

Wednesday, December 3, 11:30 AM

Jonathan made it out of surgery just fine. They didn't work on anything else but the abdomen. That was the main thing they were concerned about anyway. That reduces his risk of infection tremendously which is what we were very concerned about. Later on today they are going to remove the brain monitor. They have been monitor the brain presure for the past 5 days and there has not been any alarm. The pressure has remained normal the entire time. So, when they take that out they will be able to do an MRI which will tell us a little bit more definitively if there is any problems in the brain. We are praying that the results come back positive, of course. We are believing that will be the case. God has been so good thus far. We are certain His grace will remain.

Wednesday, December 3, 7:55 AM

They are about to take Jonathan back to surgery. We just went back and prayed with him. We are believing for a great outcome. We know He is in the hands of the great physician, and are confident He will guide the doctors hands. Please pray with us, and I will let you know as soon as he is out and doing well.

Wednesday, December 3, 1:00 AM

In about 6 and 1/2 hours (7:30 AM) Jonathan will be going into surgery. They are finally going to be able to close his abdomen that they had originally opened because there was a lot of internal bleeding as well as pressure inside that was affecting the ability of his lungs being able to work properly. They have since not been able to close it due to all of the swelling. In the past 6 days the swelling has gone down tremendously. He looks so good! There's still so much on the inside going on that we can't see, but what we can see now looks completely different than what we saw when we first walked into his room last Wednesday in the ICU. The healing that's already taken place in less then a week is only explained by the hand of God on his life.

We're all really starting to miss him. His voice, his laugh, his sarcasm that so many know, his passionate conversations, even his arguments, but we know that very soon we'll get to have all that back, but for now, he needs to rest. Just a reminder to everyone that's wanting to come and visit - right now visitation is limited to family members. We know that is very difficult as so many want to come and see him and show their love and support during this time. If you simply want to be close - we have kinda taken over the waiting room so someone , if not all of us, is usually there all the time.

Megan, Charlie's girlfriend, has decided to sew together a prayer quilt. Tonight we cut out the squares that will be assembled together and formed into the quilt for Jonathan. It will be in LSU colors of course! :) So, if you'd like to contribute to this quilt by writing out a prayer or well wishes then let us know. We'll keep a number of cloth squares in the waiting room that you can stop by and write on or take and bring back already to go. This is something that Jonathan will keep forever as a testament to the faith, love and support of those near and dear. He is a blessed man my brother, to have so many that love, respect and lift him up in prayer. We as family are blessed by all of your support and prayers. We ask that you continue praying. It's the only thing that we can do that has the power to change the circumstance.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 11:00 PM

Just going through my pictures and found some of my favorites. Thought I'd share them with everyone.

Tuesday, December 2, 9:00 PM

Please pray. They are having a difficult time getting Jonathan's fever down. It's been pretty high for much of today. Although a fluctuating fever is quite normal for someone in his condition, they have expressed concern that it has not gone down hardly at all throughout the day. Normally it is an on/off type of thing.

We are not worried, but trusting that God is in control. Please be in prayer that the fever comes down. I'll let you know when those prayers are answered.

Tuesday, December 2, 11:30 AM

We just spoke to the trauma doctor. He explained to us that tomorrow they are going to go in and close Jonathan's abdomen. We are anxiously awaiting that to be done so that there is not as much risk for infection. Depending on how Jonathan holds up they may do some further work on his face while they are already in there closing the abdomen. This would be ideal, but it may or may not work out. Sunday when they did closed his jaw it was about a 2 hour surgery. They informed us that there will be about 12 hours of surgery needed to correct everything on his face. So, 2 hours down, 10 more to go on his face. Also, at some point this week they are hoping to do an MRI, on his brain. They are unsure that they'll be able to do that because of the bolt in his skull for the brain monitor and due to the plates in his face they put in on Sunday. Early next week they are hoping to start working on his pelvis. The thing is, everything depends on the other. So, we just have to wait and see.

Thanks again for all the cards, food, calls and visits.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 12:10 AM

I'm in the room with Jonathan. Just sat down and I am thanking the Lord. I came into the room tonight and was informed that they have taken him off of the sedative, but have kept him on the same pain medication. Instead of the sedative that sedates him completely, including neurologically, they have him on a paralytic which keeps him immobilized but still neurologically somewhat aware.

As I walked in I saw that his left eye was open. That's the first time in 2 days! On wednesday and Thursday it was closed, but he opened it Friday and we could see a lot of response when we spoke. After just having a conversation and saying how much I missed just seeing his eye open like it was on Friday and him looking at me - there he was. It's amazing the realization and appreciation for life that comes with tragedy. When we begin to cherish every small thing - the look in a loved ones eye, the ability to speak to them and have conversations, the ability to give them a hug or to share a glance and a million words without ever speaking, their laugh. . .

He had a slight fever, but it has gone down even just since I've been in here. They say that with all of the trauma, fevers are expected and we shouldn't be alarmed unless it begins to get extremely high. So far he's stayed around the 100 degree marker. That, they say, is pretty regular for his condition.

I get to stay in his room tonight. Any updates - I'll let you know. With each post I'm going to ask that you continue to pray. We're seeing the evidence of those prayers, and are excitedly anxious to see more of what God has planned in all of this.

Monday, December 1, 9:50 PM

Just wanted to give a quick update on a word from Jonathan's nurses. They notified us tonight that they will not be allowing any other visitors to Jonathan's room other than family. Last week they were very lenient with who they allowed back to visit, because his case was so critical. As he progresses there will be more and more limitations on visitations in the ICU. This restriction is evidence of that.

We appreciate so much the support of all who have visited and all that desire to visit. We know how much Jonathan is loved and how touched he would be to know of every one's presence during this difficult time. Right now, the risk of infection is very high which is one of the main reasons they are limiting the visitors. They also have expressed to us that as the number of visitors in and out of the room increases so does the strain on the patients being visited. Again, thank you all for visiting and showing your support. He is greatly loved. For those that just simply want to be close - we have pretty much taken over the waiting room so you are welcome to join us from time to time. :) I know it is hard to stay away. Simply going downstairs or home for more clothes is a challenge for us as we want to stay as close as possible. So, I will definitely let everyone know as soon as they are allowing other visitors. Please, continue to pray with us, and I will keep you updated on the status of visitation.

Monday, December 1, 6:15 PM

Today there isn't much to report. They did put in a feeding tube through his nose. That was really the extent of all the big stuff to report. They mostly wanted to monitor him and give him a day to rest since Saturday and Sunday he was in surgery. . . Each day we're amazed at the improvement in his face. The swelling has gone down tremendously and some of the cuts are starting to heal as well as his black eyes. They were deep purple on Wednesday and now are a darker shade of pink. I know to some that may seem insignificant, but to us every little improvement is a reason to thank the Lord and celebrate!

As I previously mentioned, Charlie and Bryon went yesterday to take a look at Jonathan's car. They came back amazed and in awe that he is still here. We decided to post a picture simply so that everyone can see for themselves what we mean by God's grace and the miracle it is that he is still with us at all.

Monday, December 1, 11:00 AM

There's not much to report this morning. He remained the same through the night. They came in around 4:00 AM to take him off of the sedation to see his response. The only response was that his blood pressure started to rise so they put him back on the sedation. He will remain sedated until further notice. At this point there are a few things they are looking for when they take him off of the sedation. They want to monitor his brain pressure, blood pressure and heart rate. They said that the blood pressure getting high could be indication of a few things - his recognition of pain, his body fighting infection, internal bleeding , etc. So, they're really monitoring that and hoping to take him off the sedation today so they can do a more efficient job of that.

The doctors were pretty excited that the swelling in his abdomen had gone down so much. They are really thinking that they'll be able to surgically close it very soon - the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow.

Please be in prayer for the family - decisions are hard to make and especially mom and dad need wisdom and strength to make difficult decisions. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. God is working. We are trusting.


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