Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Quite a bit has taken place since the last post. Though, the most sinificant is that JONATHAN HAS BEEN CLEARED TO DRIVE!! About a week ago, maybe 2 now, Jonathan got the official release to begin driving again. You can't even imagine the elation that came with that news. Freedom, on any level, is so vital. He's gotten to go to wal-mart on his own, drive to hang out with his brother, etc. and he's loving every minute of it. Dad recently completed all the finishing touches on his "NOLA" Land Rover. Nearly everything on the truck is custom and he's so thrilled. He's talking alot about going back to school a year from now. He's even been talking recently about even trying to train for basketball again. There's definitely a sense of urgency to fulfill dreams and live his life to the fullest. Of course, when life is nearly taken away from you - your appreciation for it should most definitely grow. For him it aboslutely has.

He's really doing well. He's still living at mom and dad's house. He wants to be much more comfortable driving before he starts to go back to work. With school now as an option he's trying to figure out things right now. So, his future is wide open with many options and dreams to fulfill. Please, continue praying as He seeks the Lord for what HIS plans are for Jonathan. We know they are much bigger than even what we could dream up. He's such a good, faithful and merciful God. Each day I stand in awe of Him. Each day, even the hard ones, He shows that He's got Jonathan and this family in the palm of His hands. It's crazy to think that we're already over the year and a half marker since the journey began. Thank you to all that have been there every step of the way. So many of you weren't able to be there physically, but supported us the entire time in your prayers. They are ever so appreciated. We are ever so grateful!


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