Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 9:45 AM

I promised to post some pictures from Sunday. Here are a few, with more soon to come.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 8:40 AM

First I want to say a big thanks to everyone that showed up on Sunday for Jonathan's celebration. He was amazed that all of you cared enough to come out and show your love for him. He still asks me how I got in touch with some of you and is amazed that so many are still reading his progress and staying tuned to his story. I'm not sure if he'll every really grasp just how many people have been "there" from day 1. If not in person - through this blog and in prayer for him. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up and showing your love to him. He had a great time seeing your faces , and hearing how you'd been praying! Of course, the crawfish were a big hit, and a shout out to Ryan Derbes for hooking it up. He's a great friend of ours from Louisiana - more like family, and he and his dad did an excellent job. It was like being home!! :)

As much fun as Sunday was - by the end of the night Jonathan was ready to call it quits. The few that were still lingering around 9:00PM got a small glimpse of the outburst and such that I have asked for prayer concerning. Though, I am thankful that it was not nearly what we experience at home! Please, continue to pray for that end of things. Physically, Jonathan is doing great. Sure, there are some noticeable differences and still he is in the process of recovery, but he's doing phenomenally well in just a 5 month span of time. God has certainly shown Himself strong in my brother!

There's not much more to say in the way of updates. So, I will sign off for now and post pictures from Sunday later. For those of you that were part of the "paparazzi" on Sunday :) - if you wouldn't mind sending me a few of your pictures to

Thank you again for all of your prayers. We love you all and simply ask that you continue. Yes, his recovery is going well and the physical evidence of that is strong. However, as Jonathan said on Sunday - God gave him this "Second Chance" for a reason and we are praying that He would not only make that clear for Jonathan, but keep him in His perfect will to complete it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 8:55 AM

It's been a little while since I've written out an actual update of Jonathan's progress. So, let me take the time to fill you in on all the little details and what's going on:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Jonathan has Physical and occupational therapy. He's done remarkably well in both aspects. He's walking completely on his own now and though he's still got his "gangsta limp" it is diminishing slowly but surely. During physical therapy they definitely give him a run for his money. They have him doing squats and other physically demanding exercises for someone in Jonathan's stage of recovery, but he pushes himself to the limit each time. He's definitely determined to be "back to normal" and has been told by others there that he is an inspiration. He is doing most things on his own, though he still requires help with some because of his sight, strength or other physical limitations. This is a far cry from the days when every small task needed personal assistance. The progress he has made in such a relatively short time has been amazing.

Thankfully, this week and last, for the most part, has been pretty low-key. His fits of uncontrollable anger have diminished. Sure, anger still ensues at times and words fly out that we'd rather not hear. However, the scary anger has subsided greatly. Please pray that trend will continue, and that Jonathan's frustration and anger would subside altogether. It's still a part of every day. My parents still deal with it mostly as they are with him throughout each week day, but this week has been good so far when compared to what it has been.

Rachel, our older sister comes in to town tomorrow for a few days. Jonathan, as well as the rest of the family, is excited to see her. He welcomes a change of pace as his days are pretty consistent - filled will doctors appointments mostly. At the end of the week another great friend of the family is coming into town. If his presence wasn't already enough to be excited about - he's bringing crawfish!! Most of you know our family is from Louisiana and crawfish is one of the many, many things that we miss from home. We've only found 1 place here in FL where they taste even remotely close to what they do back home. So, Jonathan's definitely looking forward to this week and weekend.

Last Thursday Jonathan went to go get his prescription filled at Lens Crafters. Because he has no sight in his right eye the folks at Lens Crafters strongly suggested that he not get contacts in the event that he would get an eye infection in his left eye and that affect his vision there too. So, he picked out a pair of glasses and got some shades as well. He said they definitely help his vision. Although, Saturday he came to me questioning if he looked OK with them and calling himself four-eyes. I told him he definitely looks good. He always will. He's one of the most handsome guys I know. To prove my point and to make you all smile - here's a picture of Jonathan showing off his new glasses.

Please, as you have done so faithfully from the beginning, continue to pray. Jonathan's come so far and the journey of all of this is just starting to unfold. In just a few days we will be celebrating 5 months from the day that God reminded us just how precious life is. The day that God kept Jonathan and the day that started a journey of faith that we have yet to fully realize!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 15, 2009, 10:40 AM

Here's a little video of us at the house - again, silliness ensues :)
Here's a little rap for ya from "Second Chance"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2:30 PM

Again, my apologies for not posting more frequent updates. The truth of the matter is this - the news of things to post is dwindling. The days are much of the same - Monday, Wednesday and Friday he has Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy appointments. Often on Tuesday and Thursday other oppointments of some kind occur. Mainly life consists of doctor visits, tests and calling to schedule more of the same.

Jonathan is very excited to see everyone. If you have not received information about Jonathan's Celebration and would like to - please email me at

Last night we made a video message from Jonathan. So, look back for that soon.
Thanks for all of your prayers. They are constantly needed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 9:15 AM

It seems these updates are getting less and less frequent. I'll try to pick it up, but truly - the days seem just to run together most of the time. Yesterday, Jonathan had an appointment with a opthamologist. He is a specialist in this field, and very thorough in his exam according to my mom. He informed Jonathan and my parents, as the other doctor had, that there is severe nerve damage in his right eye and that his sight would not get any better or any worse. I'm not sure how it could get worse as he has no sight whatsoever. He can't see shadows or light of any sort. He also said that the vision in his left eye is not great, but most of it could be corrected with prescription glasses or contact. So, we'll move in that direction very soon. Of course, the confirmation of that news was hard to take. Jonathan of course doesn't express it in emotions of sadness, but we knew it was hard for him to handle - as it would be for anyone. Of course, we are believing that he will be healed - no doubt about that! This is simply another way for God to show up and show off. It's just dealing with the process until then that at times gets to be a lot.

There's a lot of waiting these days for Jonathan. Each doctor's appointment seems like an eternity to him spent waiting in the waiting room, finally called in the back only to wait some more, waiting for his body to heal, waiting for life to resume "normalcy", etc. There must be some connection with patience and being a patient! He's having a hard time with that part. We can only imagine what it's like to have to wait on everything and everyone before anything can be done. To have to rely on someone else to go to the store, to take a walk, to make an appointment, to make any type of plans - frustrating is not even close to describing that feeling I'm sure. But, he's holding on! He gets tired some days and anger follows suit. HE gets frustrated at times and outburst take place. He feels trapped often and certain words come flying out that we'd rather not hear, but it and we are all still "in process". Even through all of those feelings - he never gives up. He still keeps pushing, fighting and pressing.

He is officially walking on his own - without any assistance of a walker or cane, and he's doing great. He's still got what Charlie calls "a gangsta limp", but even that is diminishing slowly but surely. He's getting stronger and gaining back his balance. It's amazing how far he's come!!

I have received many emails regarding interest in the gathering we're having to celebrate Jonathan's second chance. Thank you for all that have responded. If you are interested in attending please send me an email to In order to get a quick head count and RSVP I will be sending out an e-Vite by this Friday.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers. We will continue asking you for them. We need wisdom, strength and grace each day to keep going. Jonathan needs healing in a lot of areas still. Continue to pray that God would restore sight to his right eye, that his right elbow would regain it's normal range of motion and extension, that he legs wold regain strength, that his blood pressure and heart rate would finally normalize, that he would have peace of mind and of spirit, that his anger would subside and that God would continue to speak. God's got great plans for him. I know that this is not even the beginning of all that God desires to do in and through him. So, please continue to pray. We're all still a work in progress, and we all need strength to continue to stand through the process! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 10:55 PM

A video message from Jonathan:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 9:40 AM

Hard to believe that it's already April. Even harder to believe that it's been already 4 months since Jonathan's accident. On Saturday I had some pictures printed of Jonathan that we had taken while he was in the hospital. We started taking pictures on the 4Th or 5Th day and continued throughout. We definitely felt it super important so that people could not only read, but one day, physically see all the miracles that God has done. Last night as the family was all together I brought the pictures out and Jonathan took a look. He was amazed! He still doesn't have a full grasp of just how bad he was. Although, I think the pictures of himself in that condition helped to bring that reality a little closer. Even though we saw him every day and saw the transformation before our eyes - we still forget. It's an odd wave of emotions to see the pictures again. I admitted last night that as I was in Target printing the pictures off I got a little teary eyed. How could I not. He's come so far. God has done so much, and that's the story those pictures tell!!

Some of you have yet to see Jonathan since the accident. Some of you have never before met him and still you pray. While few have had the opportunity to see in person all that God's grace has accomplished. One of the biggest accomplishments is that Jonathan's physical healing has been amazing. In fact, according to the physical therapist - Jonathan should be walking on his own by next week!! Jonathan is more than thrilled about that. Of course, his walk is not back to "normal" yet. He's still slow, as his steps are still a little difficult. He is still learning to balance his weight between both legs. He's still in progress. Please continue to pray for his physical and spiritual strength to be renewed. Yesterday we got a good report from the doctor. As many of you know - Jonathan was a big fella before this accident. He went into the hospital weighing at least 205lbs. of muscle. He came out at about 120 lbs. Last week as they weighed him the result was 125 lbs. Well, this week he weighed in at 136 lbs.!! We've been trying to put weight pack on him to build up his strength. So, 11 lbs. in one week is an accomplishment!

His outburst are still much of the same. His feuding with everyone about everything is still taking place. Although, as with the rest of us - he has his good days when there's not a single fight and other days when everything sets him off. So, please pray that the first would out-number the 2ND. We appreciate your prayers, and are in constant need of them.

The family is planning a special celebration for Jonathan - to celebrate this second chance. Please send me your email address if you are interested in information about this event. You can email me at

Last night, we were hanging out being silly, as we Newman's like to do. In the midst of some music playing - some dancing started taking place. Jonathan was bustin' a move! :) He's been told that he dances better now than he did before. You be the judge. Hope this brings a smile to every one's faces as you see Jonathan in his truest form!


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