Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13, 2009

So, today was Jonathan's surgery. All went well. It was definitely longer than I anticipated it would be - 8 hours! I didn't realize just how much was necessary. Though they were simply repairing the tear duct in his right eye - it was anything but simple. In order to do so they had to re-arrange his right eye socket which makes it all more detailed. While it was a long surgery he came out of it just as he went into it - goofy and making jokes. I happen to be wearing a plaid shirt today. When I saw him in recovery, just after surgery, he asked me, with a smirk on his face, why I was wearing a table cloth as a dress. :) So, you can see - he's good! :)

I must say that it was a bit of an odd feeling pulling back up to the hospital. Though my mom and dad have accompanied Jonathan to appointments here, I haven't been back since Jonathan was released. Now, I'm here once again staying the night and updating everyone on his progress. It's weird, but it's a good place from where we were back then. Almost a year ago I was asking everyone to pray for his life. Now, I'm telling you how wonderfully he's doing, and just how far he's come. God is simply amazing. I realize it every day when I watch him. I sit here, in this waiting room, positively in awe!

Thank you to all that are still reading, to all that are still praying and to all that have been doing so from the very first day. It's because of the power of your prayers that we are here today. God has been so faithful. Thank you for being the same in your prayers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's amazingly absurd to think that in just 3 weeks we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Jonathan's accident. I say celebrate because I can promise you that's what we will be doing - celebrating his life and giving thanks for all that God has done and is doing. It's been a crazy year. It's been a trying and heart breaking year, but it's also been a year of many miracles and much growth. We're preparing for a family trip that week. We decided, after years of talking about it, that there's no time like the present and we are heading up to a cabin in the GA mountains for a week with the entire Newman/Beesley clan. I'm sure it will be a mixture of fun and "adventure"!

In the mean time, Jonathan's got an upcoming surgery. On November 13 Jonathan will be having surgery to repair his eye duct. His right eye was severely damaged in the accident, so much so that complete sight was lost. Accompanied with that nerve damage, the tear duct was completely torn. So, they are going in to repair that so his eye will drain properly again. As you can imagine, any surgery is not an event he'd like to participate in. So, please pray for peace and comfort through the process. It's not an extensive surgery and he'll be home the same day. Still, it's one that brings some distress to his mind and heart. So, just agree with us for peace to accompany him. We're so glad that these "cosmetic" surgeries are the only ones left. God's healing power is simply amazing!

I spoke to a group of friends last night about the amazement of all that's take place. One asked what my initial reaction was when I got the phone call about the accident. We talked for a couple more minutes, and as I relived some of those horrific moments, tears welled up in my eyes. So often we take for granted the life that God's given to us. I'd like to say that I no longer do and that each day at the Newman house is a "love fest" of sorts...oh, I'd LIKE to say that!! Still, even after something like this, in difficult moments we seem to dismiss love from our conversation until we are ready for it's presence again. We have gotten better, how could we not? Each day is a reminder of how good God is. Each time that crazy boy walks out of his room with his dog faithfully following behind him we are reminded. Each time we hear the clank of the glass and spoon as he stirs his chocolate milk - I swear he has become addicted since the accident - we are reminded. Each time he argues, Lord knows how often that is, we are reminded that we still have the opportunity to hear his opinion....and yes, we have to remind ourselves we ARE thankful for that! :)

Here are a few recent pictures of Jonathan that I thought I might share. Some of you don't get the opportunity to physically see all that God is doing. So....

I have to share, in way of other simply amazing news, after years of praying and "trying" my sister and her husband are expecting their first little bundle of joy - they're pregnant!!!


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