Friday, November 26, 2010

2 Years Later.......a letter from Jonathan

Ok, where to start?

Well, it's been 2 years since death knocked on my door & I answered and said "What's poppin, killa?", and slapped him in the mouth haha. I'm just playin I know that it was all God, cause He knew that since I sunburn easy I wouldn't have done well in Hell and they don't make SPF strong enough for that, haha.

Ok, seriously, I know that not everyone reading this may believe in Hell, but if you don't believe in gravity, so what, you're wrong, and if you jump off a mountain you'll find out very fast how very wrong you are. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Being that science said I wasn't supposed to be born, and about 2 years ago science said I wouldn't live and if I somehow did that I would be a vegetable and now I can walk and talk, I'll stick with my belief in a loving, merciful God.

Ok, quick summary of the last two years:
People who know me know that I was a very crazy angry white boy who was very quick to get violent and physical when i felt I needed to. Then I came home 110 lbs, haha. I couldn't get very physical even if I wanted to, so I switched it to verbal abuse. If I would ever hear some one speak to my family the way I did when I got home, that person would possibly be dead or wish they were. So, I also have realizes my true friends, fake friends and those just using me for what I could do or get for them, and hos important family and God is. I've had to change my cell # to get away from dumb guys and brawds. So, I will not post it on here, but if you not dumb email me at and I will email it to you. I've talked to many of you, but not all. So email me if you want.

So, I have seen many physical doctors & brain doctors and have been told I have some limitations and am not ready to go back to work, yet. I told them I've always been this crazy so not sure if it will get better haha. But, I do know and have see my short term memory problems from time to time. So, not I know y'all have prayed for me a lot but please keep it up. I can still use it. And be ready for one thing - I pray every night that God would bless those who have blessed be with their love, concern, support and prayers. So, be ready for your blessing. I know God will hook it up.

Thanks again y'all - love y'all!

2 Years later......


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