Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mom's "hand"

Here's a picture of mom's "hand" as of last week. She's got 7 more weeks to go before she gets this contraption off. So, pray for more grace and more patience and more safety for this crazy family!! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2:05 PM

Well, we can most definitely say that there is never a dull moment in the Newman family. Although, these days most of us are wishing and praying for some dull moments around this place. :)

You may or may not know that my mom was in a car accident about a week and a half ago. A man ran a red light and she ran into him and then a post. She, for the most part, is OK. Though the car is totalled, her hand is the only part of her body that suffered any severe amount of damage. Now, she has a cast and a very awkward contraption attached to it which makes everyday activities difficult. You can only imagine the frustration that also comes with all of this for her. So, please keep her in your prayers. The doctor told her that she would need to keep the cast on for the next 6-8 weeks. Charlie said if he didn't know better he'd think our family was part of some insurance scam - see dad on his crutches, Jonathan still healing and mom walk in with this big ol cast on her arm and you might think the same thing. :)

As far as Jonathan - physically he's doing well. He has to wear a brace on his right elbow at night that helps to stretch it out little by little. The doctor said that this may help without having to have surgery. So, he is trying this option first. His frustrations get the best of him sometimes. This past week was a rough week. Outburst seemed more extreme than before and we are all still learning what it truly means to have grace. often times it's our families, unfortunately, that seem to get the least dosage of our grace while others that we don't even know get the most. So, please, please, continue to pray that Jonathan would control his frustrations before they turn into angry outburst and inappropriate behavior. In the same prayers, lift us up - that his family would know when to speak and when to be quite; when to back off and when to move in. . . we're all still learning. This is life now. It's all still new, yet we're living it day by day. We're still ever so much in need of your prayers. Some would say the hard part is over. I tell you what, those people would be wrong! For Jonathan and for us, this is the difficult part. The "living it" part always is. So, please continue to lift Jonathan and the family up in prayers. God is working. That is evident, or the enemy wouldn't be fighting this hard.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued prayers. They are much needed and much appreciated. Also, please know that we thank God every day for you all - even though we may not know you personally. We pray that God would bless you and meet your needs as you have faithfully prayed the same for us! God Bless!!


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