Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayer Need

I know that many of you have stopped reading, but those of you that are still checking here is an update:

Jonathan went this week to take his eye exam. HE PASSED!!!!! He was so excited and is still. The doctor said that while he passed, because his scores were rather low he is required to take some classes to learn how to drive with a disability before he can actually take the driving exam. So, there's still a few more hoops to jump through. However, we're still moving forward and that's the most thing.

There is still frustration that things aren't moving fast enough. It's still unbelievable that we've come so far. We're nearing on the one year anniversary of the accident. It's pretty surreal amd amazing all that God has done. Thank you for your continued prayers throughout all this time. We are still very much in need of those prayers so keep them coming our way.

Also, in way of updates - mom's hand is doing well. She is using it more and more each day. She has 60% use of her index fingers while all the rest are near full mobility. She is continuing in therapy and believing that God will restore her hand to full strength.

We appreciate your prayers more than you could ever know! Thank you

*There has been another need brought to our attention. Our former youth pastor was rushed to the emergency room last night. Various test are being performed to diagnosis the problems. Please keep him and their family in your prayers. This blog has provided an outlet for prayers around the world. We have seen the power of those prayers first hand and are asking that you would lift him up believing for his full healing.*


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