Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

OK, so it's been a while since I last posted. I've heard a few requests come in through e-mail. So, this is for all of those at PMSI - here's your shout out! :) And if there's anyone else that's still keeping up with this....journey, then thank you for your continued prayers.

The first thing I must say here for the world to see - GEAUX SAINTS!!! You can't even imagine how exciting this was, and still is, for all of us New Orleans natives. It definitely made for a great start to the year!

We're now in April of 2010 - over a year since Jonathan has been at home and out of the hospital, almost a year exactly since we had his "2ND Chance" celebration. Oh, how many things are different and oh, how many things are the same. That is one thing that I love about my brother - He is consistently him.

On the last post, in January, I asked that everyone pray for Jonathan as he was going to take his driving test and wanted desperately to pass. Unfortunately, he did not pass that test. Though, we have since found out that specific test wasn't completely necessary. I assure you, this whole process has been quite confusing and supremely frustrating for all parties involved. Since that test, Jonathan received a letter in the mail from the Florida DMV stating that in order to get cleared to drive he would need a release from His eye Dr. and general practitioner ensuring that he was physically able to do so. He did receive both, and now he waits to see if he will have to take the normal DMV driving test for the state of Florida. The one he took in January was not through the DMV, but for victims of accidents such as his. So, to say the least - this has been a very big source of frustration on every one's part, but none more than Jonathan. He is desperate to drive - to get back to "life" as he says. He wants to work, and have his "freedom" back. To get in the car and go to walmart when HE wants and not have to wait on someone to take him. Those little things that we all take for granted are so precious to him now.

He and dad have been working on his truck. If you don't know, though I don't know how you wouldn't since he's been shouting it from the rooftops, he has a Land Rover that dad is repairing and restoring. This is what they do. Dad used to be in the automotive body repair business before He became a pastor, and even still sometime after. So, he's been working on the Land Rover with Jonathan's urging, and it is almost complete. It will be a complete New Orleans Saints mobile. They're doing a custom paint job of black and Gold and he has every Saint specific decoration for his car imaginable - including the fuzzy dice! :)

Other than that, as many of you know Jonathan went into the hospital at 205 lbs and came out at around 110lbs. So, he has been working out as much as his body allows and is determined to gain back all that weight. So, as part of his "get-in-shape" initiative he has also been holding a workout class at our church on Tuesday and Saturday nights. A few of the ladies at the church are taking advantage of this free personal trainer hour and he thoroughly enjoys being able to help.

So, overall, this year so far has been much better than the last, and we are believing that trend will only continue. Many, many thanks to everyone who has kept Jonathan in your prayers throughout this year and a half. It's been a rough road most of the time, but one of victory and triumph in the midst of it all.

Here's a few pictures from this year so far:
Jonathan at our cousing Amy's wedding

Jonathan and Rachel (our older sister) and baby on the way

Jonathan at home - in the French Quarter

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Lisa said...

Thanks Rebecca for taking the time to alway update the blog...I love the pictures...I'm glad I'm able to workout with him...he's tough but we adore him...he's been a blessing to us!!!


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