Friday, November 26, 2010

2 Years Later.......a letter from Jonathan

Ok, where to start?

Well, it's been 2 years since death knocked on my door & I answered and said "What's poppin, killa?", and slapped him in the mouth haha. I'm just playin I know that it was all God, cause He knew that since I sunburn easy I wouldn't have done well in Hell and they don't make SPF strong enough for that, haha.

Ok, seriously, I know that not everyone reading this may believe in Hell, but if you don't believe in gravity, so what, you're wrong, and if you jump off a mountain you'll find out very fast how very wrong you are. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Being that science said I wasn't supposed to be born, and about 2 years ago science said I wouldn't live and if I somehow did that I would be a vegetable and now I can walk and talk, I'll stick with my belief in a loving, merciful God.

Ok, quick summary of the last two years:
People who know me know that I was a very crazy angry white boy who was very quick to get violent and physical when i felt I needed to. Then I came home 110 lbs, haha. I couldn't get very physical even if I wanted to, so I switched it to verbal abuse. If I would ever hear some one speak to my family the way I did when I got home, that person would possibly be dead or wish they were. So, I also have realizes my true friends, fake friends and those just using me for what I could do or get for them, and hos important family and God is. I've had to change my cell # to get away from dumb guys and brawds. So, I will not post it on here, but if you not dumb email me at and I will email it to you. I've talked to many of you, but not all. So email me if you want.

So, I have seen many physical doctors & brain doctors and have been told I have some limitations and am not ready to go back to work, yet. I told them I've always been this crazy so not sure if it will get better haha. But, I do know and have see my short term memory problems from time to time. So, not I know y'all have prayed for me a lot but please keep it up. I can still use it. And be ready for one thing - I pray every night that God would bless those who have blessed be with their love, concern, support and prayers. So, be ready for your blessing. I know God will hook it up.

Thanks again y'all - love y'all!

2 Years later......


Shell Osbon said...

Jonathan - Tried to email you at but it bounced back as undeliverable. Send me an email to and we'll connect.

Bless you!
Shell Osbon

Valentin said...

I LOVE YOU JONATHAN AND I AM GREATFUL TO OUR LIVING FATHER FOR GIVING YOU ANOTHER CHANCE!!! I was there at 6pm the day if your accident, and if I close my eyes I can still remember how badly broken you were... I was soo scared that I held your big toe and prayed i'n Spanish so no one would know what I was praying... It was just between God u and I even though you didn't understand it but God one day will reveal everything that happened to you those 3 months of your life...I AM TRULY GREATFUL TO GOD FOR GIVE YOU BACK TO US... THOSE MONTHS I FELT..... MY HEART HURTING LIKE A PIECE OF MY HEART WAS TORN... THE WHOLE CHURCH FELT THE SAME WAY.... FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE 7 YRS I'VE BEEN AT BAYLIFE I FELT UNITED LIKE A FAMILY SHOULD BE!!!! I GIVE THANKS TO OUR MIGHTY FATHER FOR YOUR NEW LIFE... THANK YOU FOR LETTING BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!! LOVE YOU AND BE HERE FOR YOU ANYTIME!!! Love you, Ellie!!! Thank you for sharing your good times and your bad times!!!! STAY REAL!!!

j2ndchance82 said...

Hey Jus real quick so everyone can see my SIS Rebecca typed on the blog n didn't put my email address right. So Jus so yall all know it she put j2ndchace but its j n yes miss Ellie yall fam, luv yall

Rebecca said...

Jonathan Newman,
It has been corrected :)

Dustin said...

Grateful for second changes.. God is good! Praying for ya.

Gosdoski said...

Get a hairbut boy. You don't look like youself. Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I am no longer at PMSI and now have a friend who is very sick with cancer that also has a blog. So while writing on her wall I saw yours and decided that I need to stop and say "hello" and that you look well except the hair but I guess that just takes getting used too. Glad to hear that you made such a lair out of those doctors and other medical staff. God always has a plan whether we see it now or 2 yrs from now.


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